iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: How to move data from Android to new iOS device

When you have purchased a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and are searching out approaches to move information from your older Android tool, use the Flow to iOS app available for download from the Google Play Keep. With the app’s assist, you can transfer contacts, messages, snapshots, motion pictures, bookmarks, mail money owed, and a calendar. You may download any unfastened apps you don’t discover after the switch is whole from the Apple App Store. As for the matched paid apps, visit the iTunes Wishlist. The Pass to iOS app can also be used if you switch from Android to iPad or iPod contact. However, remember that you may most effectively transfer content material as much as the free area is available to your iOS tool.

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But earlier than you go ahead, check out some matters;

Ensure that your Android smartphone is on a solid c084d04ddacadd4b971ae3d98fecfb2a connection.
Connect your iPhone 7 and Android device to strength test the content you are transferring from your Android phone consists of the whole thing that is stored for your micro SD card in case you need your Chrome bookmarks also on iPhone 7, just replace to the present day version of Chrome to your Android device download the Move to iOS app from the Play Save after which right here’s how you may get started out with moving content.

How to Flow from Android to iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

Look for Apps & facts display screen to your new iPhone, simultaneously as putting it up. Now, tap Move facts from the Android device. If you have already completed the setup of your iPhone, you would possibly simply erase your iOS tool and then start once more. If you don’t want to erase, move content material manually from the Android device to the iPhone power in your Android telephone, then release Circulate to iOS app and faucet Keep. Faucet Conform to Maintain when you go through the phrases and situations. Then tap Subsequent in the pinnacle-proper nook on the find Your Code display in your iPhone’s Pass from Android display, faucet Continue. Wait for a while to get your 10-digit or six-digit code to flash on the screen. You may get to see an alert for your Android cellphone pronouncing the internet connection is vulnerable; simply forget about it.

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Now enter the code for your Android phone and Watch for a while for the transfer data display screen to seem. Pick the content material to your Android tool and faucet Subsequent. Look forward to some time until the loading bar appearing on the iPhone finishes. The data transfer will make an effort relying on the volume of the content material. When you see the loading bar finishes at the iPhone, the faucet Done in your Android tool. Tap Keep on the iPhone and observe the on-display screen activates.


You can do a few matters if you encounter any difficulty while moving content from Android to the iOS tool; you should leave both the devices until the switch is complete. Disable all of the apps or settings that might affect the connection on your Android tool. As an example, turn-off capabilities including Sprint Connections Optimizer or the Clever Community Switch. Restart each of the devices, after which try the system all another time. Ensure the connection of the cellular facts on your Android device is turned off.

A way to resolve issues after the transfer is entire

As soon as the transfer is entire, you may not get to look at some apps shape your Android tool. The smooth way to get them is via heading over to the Apple App Save and downloading them to your new iPhone. If your new iPhone runs out of the area when you Move a few content materials, or the iOS device seems complete even though the transfer isn’t always entire, simply erase your iPhone and then begin transfer again.

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