5+ Tips to Help You Find Best Android ROM for Your Smartphone or Tablet

Custom ROMs permit users to beautify their Android enjoy using supplying them with software capabilities now not to be had on a stock Android ROM. They offer some advantages to the customers, and readers can examine more approximately those benefits in our article on Why to install custom ROMs. However, as soon as the user decides to flash a custom ROM on his tool, the query he faces is –which ROM to pick? With the huge popularity of the Android OS, builders have flocked to this platform, and a large number of outstanding custom ROMs have been advanced, some of that are simply extraordinary. Allow us to look at some elements that may help a consumer decide which custom Rom to move for.

Android version

Normally, builders begin updating their custom ROMs as quickly as a brand new Android version is launched. But, not all ROMs are at once to be had at the triumphing Android variations. Some builders may require extra time for liberating a new version of the ROM, and a little might actually have stopped helping a selected ROM.

1. As an end result, different custom ROMs tend to be on exclusive Android versions, and customers have to consider the ROM’s Android OS version earlier than choosing it for flashing it. But, this doesn’t mean that the person always has to pick out any ROM primarily based on the state-of-the-art Android version – rather, users should concentrate on deciding on a strong ROM with a brand new Android version. In any other case, they could move for a strong ROM on a lower Android version.

Replace Frequency

One precautionary measure users can take while choosing a ROM for flashing it on their device is to check the frequency at which the developer(s) of the ROM provides updates for the ROM. With ROMs that can be furnished ordinary updates, even if some random software program problems or balance troubles emerge, there may be an excessive chance of the developer fast coming through with a solution to the problem and a strong, corrected model. On the other hand, with ROMs that haven’t been updated for days or developers are not paying attention, users may become with no aid from the developer’s aspect. Such ROMs ought to, for that reason, be averted.


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Base model

2. Custom ROMs are constructed on unique bases. Most directly use the Android Open source Code from the Android Open source undertaking (AOKP), together with the famous ParanoidAndroid (PA) ROM, regarded for presenting in keeping with-app show settings and Halo floating windows characteristics. PA itself is probably used as a base on several devices.

3. Identical is real for CyanogenMod (CM), some other famous ROM for severa devices. Android Open Kang undertaking(AOKP) ROMs are popular for the wide variety of software mods they provide to the consumer, including Ribbons and Goggles. ROMs constructed the usage of AOKP as the base to provide users with higher flexibility.

4. advertisements by Google Many custom ROMs are built on the producer’s stock ROMs. For instance, WannamLite and Omega are famous ROMs for Samsung gadgets, built with Samsung Touchwhiz ROMs as their base. In addition, ViperOne and Renovate are popular ROMs for HTC smartphones with HTC sense as the base.

5. Depending upon the form of capability the user expects from the Rom, users must decide which ROM to pick whilst looking at the ROM’s base because the product ROM would have an interface and features similar to the bottom ROM. For example, if a user needs better show capabilities and is in line with app show manage, he has to move for a ROM which has PA as the base or a minimum of some functions of PA. Hence, the person needs to ensure that he installs a base ROM with preferable features.

Mods and features

The associated Mods and capabilities of a ROM are probably considered the most essential aspects of selecting a ROM. Customers should weigh every characteristic of a ROM they plan to use and download it if it meets their expectations. Usually, developers point out the functions of a ROM at the ROM’s forum page. Customers also can go to this predominant custom ROM database to compare characteristics of different ROMs and pick the ROM with capabilities maximum appropriate to their need.


Users also can don’t forget the evaluations of diverse ROMs when within the process of selecting a ROM. Most ROMs are to be had through Android forums, including XDA-builders forums or Android crucial boards. People leave their evaluations of the ROMs on these boards, and it’s miles continually a great practice to undergo a number of those reviews of a ROM which otherwise sounds excellent to the consumer, to get a gist of the ROM’s usefulness before flashing it on the device. Critiques could convey any shortcomings of the ROM if they exist in front of the person. Further, users might.

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