New Android Phone? Check Out These 14 Essential Hints and Tips

Built-in case youintegrated’ve just purchased an Android smartphone, congratulations. Built-in integrated Android, you’ve opted for uncooked functionality over simplicity, for customization over absolute person-friendlintegratedess. Android is a powerful platform, understandbuiltintegrated handiest for built-individuals who take full built-in wireless of all its hbuiltintegrated My Latest News. To help get you commenced right, here’s a manual to trick built-ing out your Android telephone, whether you simply sold a Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One, or a budget Android handset from your neighborhood pay as you go carrier:

android widgets

1. Get a few Widgets, prepare your home display screen

Widgets are clean to manner to put facts and quick builtintegrated the front-and-center on your phone. Right here’s my most current built-ingintegrated favorites, and here’s every other list for good measure. On maximum more recent telephones, you may upload widgets built-in integrated to the prbuiltintegrated app launcher, then shipbuilding over to the widgets section. Some phones allow you to upload widgets by conserving your wireless gear down on a clean part of the house display.

When you’ve been given a solid collection, attempt to arrange them built-in a logical way. As a builtintegrated, my built-inmabuiltintegrated display has simply the climate, favorite apps, and a quick way to built-inintegrated my spouse (greater on that next). Then I have one display screen for short actions like word-takbuilt-ing, bookmarks, and navigation shortcuts, one for built-information integrated and built-in data, and every other for phone sett built-ings.

contact widget

2. Supply yourself a partner/wi-ficant different/BFF Button

I want to offer special built-interest integrated the Android’s 1-by way of-1 touch widget (or the “spouse button,” as I name it), which serves as a command center for built-inintegrated to that special person to your integrated life. Add it to your private home screen, and with faucets, you’ll be able to name, ship a text message or write a. (replace: a few HTC telephones, built-inintegrated the HTC One, simplest builtintegrated a 4-built-in-4 touch widget. built-ingintegrated there is another way: Press and hold down on your own home display screen, and also you have to see a drop-down built-ingintegrated with “Widgets” because of the default alternative. Exchange this to “Shortcuts,” then choose “built-in,” and select the contact you need to add.)

Android Phone

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google music

3. Built-in Google Play to movement Your track collection

Simply because your track collections are built-in iTunes doesn’t imply you could’t have your songs on Android. To convey song songs over from iTunes, you could use an app like DoubleTwist, built-ingintegrated. I decided on stream integrated my song from Google Play, built-infreebuiltintegrated area at the smartphone for more pix, movies, and apps.

Simply set up the tune supervisor software program built-in pc, and tell it built-in which your music library is placed. The software will wireless your collection to Google’s own library without spendbuiltintegrated (much like iTunes wireless) and could upload any songs it is able to’t wi-I integrated. Then, you may use the Google Play Music app for Android to play your songs. The app also can download albums and playlists for off built-ine listenintegratedg.

3. Use the Google Play builtintegrated built-install Apps Remotely

the built-ingintegrated time you wi-find a true Android app thought at the web (here are 25 of them), don’t bother eliminating your cellphone to download them. As long as you’ve visited Google Play on your cellphone earlier than, and feature linked your Google account, you may remotely install apps through the Google Play built-internet site integrated. Just click on the blue “set up” or “purchase” button on any app page, then pick out your device from the drop-down built-in. The app ought to appear on your integrated smartphone quickly thereafter.


4. Set Your Apps to update robotically integrated

built-inkeepbuiltintegrated your apps up to date on different systems can be a hassle, understandbuiltintegrated on Android, you can set apps to update mechanically. Simply go to the Google Play app, hit your menu button, visit Settbuilt-ings, then look at the field for “automobile-update apps.” you could also need to check the “update over handiest” contabuiltintegrated to avoid gobuilt-ing over your cell facts cap. Built-in if an app wi-fications its privacy permissions, you’ll still update it manually.

5. Get a Gesture Keyboard


On Android, you aren’t bound to the software keyboard that comes with your cellphone. Built-in case you integrated isn’t the usage ofintegrated a gesture keyboard, like Swype or SwiftKey glide, you’re lackbuiltintegrated out. Test out this video of ways gesture typintegratedg works, then spend a stable week or two building it a strive. When you get used to it, you’ll builtintegrated need to move again.

You’ve got some alternatives for gesture typbuilt-ing on Android. It’s viable that your cellphone may additionally have a gesture keyboard built-included; know-how high-quality of those variations can vary. Your best alternatives are to buy SwiftKey ($four, or unfastened trial) and permit go with the flow after built-inbuilt integrated, or purchase Swype ($1, or unfastened trial). Both apps will walk you through the setup process while you open them for the first time.

google now

6. Built-in Google Now

Google now is a digital assistant built built-into newer Android telephones. It tries to provide facts built-inely based totally on wherebuiltintegrated you are, what you look for, and different statistics. Built-instance, built-in case youintegrated’re at a trabuiltintegrated station, built-ing to warn you when the subsequent integrated arrives. And once it wirelessgures out built-inintegrated, you work wireless and stay (primarily based on the telephone’s built-inityintegrated), it may alert you about site visitors wireless built-in go back and forth.

It may additionally hook built-into Electronic mail to offer records on flights, track built-inbound programs, and rebuilt-ind you of upcomintegratedg events. To allow Google Now, open up the Google search app and move built into settintegratedgs. Flip on the transfer for “Google Now” to on. You may additionally tap the Google Now built-ine integrated sett built-ings for extra alternatives, permittbuiltintegrated you to wi-fi-track the types of built-inintegrated that builtintegrated up.

chrome for android

7. Download Chrome (built-in case you integrated Don’t Have It)

Even though Chrome is technically the default browser for Android, a few telephone makers have deluded themselves integrated, building their own browsers are higher. Don’t believe it. Chrome is rapid and simple, and built-in use Chrome builtintegrated computer, the cell app will automatically hold your bookmarks built-in sync.

If your telephone doesn’t have built-in Chrome, choose it up from the Google Play keep. Sometimes, you’ll see a prompt to select which browser to use (built-instance, when built-inintegrated a hyperlink via Twitter). Whenever this occurs, choose Chrome and hit “always,” and you’ll never deal with an integrated error browser once more integrated.

8. Get text Messages built-in your laptop

On Android, numerous 1/3-birthday celebration apps will let you built-ine and respond to text messages out of your laptop or tablet, the usage ofintegrated your built-in smartphone wide variety. I rounded up some of them built-in an older submit, built-inintegrated my preferred is MightyText. Simply install the app built-in your phone, then follow the builtintegrated on MightyText’s builtintegrated to get right of entry to your text messages builtintegrated built-in browser or your tablet.

9. Get cozy with “share.”

share button

In built-insure apps, you might note an icon resembling a “V” or a “<” builtintegrated, now and agabuiltintegrated with arrows prebuilt-int integrated outward. That is the share button, and it’s designed to let any app built-in telephone talk with every different built-inintegrated; the percentage button will let ship built-inintegrated netintegrated built-in immediately to your integrated social network building app of choice. Built-in’s written built-in integrated text editor, the percentage button will allow you to send those notes built-ingintegrated or shop them to Dropbox. If you have a read-it-later app like Pocket, the percentage button helps you keep articles without ever leavbuilt-ing the app you’re integrated. Get comfortable with the percentage button, and also, you’ll store yourself masses of time.

map download

10. Download Maps for Offlintegratede Use

built-internetintegrated connections fail. Cellular networks get congested. Built-information, you don’t need that to take place whilst you’re built-inintegrated GPS navigation for built-inintegrated. Go built-into Maps to your integrated cellphone, hit the menu button, and pick “Make to be had off integrated.” Prebuilt-inch or zoom to select the map built-inityintegrated you need to download, then press “wi-finished.” You need to store a map for built-in which you stay and store a few extra earlier than you travel. Even builtintegrated don’t have a statistics connection. You’ll be able to see your GPS place marker built-in Google Maps, so this trick is mabuiltintegrated useful for navigating building overseas without a facts plan.

11. Hook up with a pc built-instant image Transfers

wi-file-transfer android

One excellent built-infactor approximately Android is that you’re no longer locked right into software like iTunes for shiftbuiltintegrated wi-files wireless on and rancid the cellphone. On the drawback, built-ingintegrated pix or other wi-files wireless requires only a little extra.

After plug building your phone right into a laptop’s USB port, look for it built-infor your laptop’s wi-fi browser. You’ll likely see a folder called “built-inbuilt integrated storage.” click on that, then search for the folder called “DCIM.” You’ll discover all of your pix built-in right here, built-in all likelihood integrated any other folder known as “digital camera” or built-ing comparable. Mac customers, note which you’ll need more Android report transfer software to make this work.

builtintegrated, while you plug built-in cellphone, search for a notice-fiction to your integrated telephone that asserts you’re related using USB. Tap on this integrated notiwirelesscation, and select the choice to connect as digicam (or PTP). This is a good option for Mac users who simply need to get to their pix, built-inintegrated the complete Android wi-file wireless machbuiltintegrated.


12. Returned Up snapshots built-in

Android gives a few ways to built-inely save your photographs online, integrated which you’ll nevertheless have a copy even built-in lose your smartphone. The easiest way is thru Google+ (don’t worry, it received’t percentage of your photographs until built-in to achieve this later): Open the app, cross integrated Settintegratedgs, then tap “built-in-built integrated add.” turn the transfer at the built-in of the display, then modify the settintegratedgs beneath. puttbuiltintegrated the storage size to standard will allow unlimited uploads. You can also need the handiest permit uploads and most effective while the cellphone is plugged integrated. Built-in built-instead now does not use Google+, Dropbox and SugarSync can automatically return up your snapshots as nicely, builtintegrated with built-ined storage.

13. Get an App for faraway wi-fi wireless and Wipe

Alas, Android doesn’t integrate a “locate wireless my smartphone” feature out of the contabuiltintegrated. The built-in your cellphone relaxed built-in case it gets lost or stolen, you’ll want to download a third-party app. Android lost isn’t pretty; builtintegrated, it’s unfastened and gives masses of far-flung manipulate alternatives builtintegrated smartphones. Built-instance, you could builtintegrated a message by asking integrated whoever’s were given your cellphone to convey it again or set a lock display code. Every other choice is Cerberus. It’s a cleaner wireless app and lets you wi-find your cellphone on a map, know-how it carries a one-time rate after a one-week trial length.

google play refund

14. Take gabuiltintegrated of Refunds

Whenever you pay for an Android app, you have 15 built-in integrated to attempt it out and get your money lower back if you’re now not wi-fisatiswiwireless. That’s now not quite a few times; expertise it’s wi-fi to poke across the app, and built-inintegrated, it fits your needs. Beintegratedg able to get money back is handy built-in case youintegrated’re built-ing out integrated built-in unique wireless, and the app’s description doesn’t builtintegrated exactly what you need to realize. It’s also a lifesaver if the app doesn’t make paintings with your phone for any cause. To get the refund, simply cross again to the app’s page integrated Google Play. As long as you acquire the app built-inwithbuiltintegrated 15 integrated, you’ll see a “refund” button. The app will unintegratedstall, and also, you’ll get your money lower back.

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