How to download Yosemite: How to install Mac OS X Yosemite now it’s been removed from the App Store

How am I able to download and deploy Mac OS X Yosemite? It’s gone from the Mac App Save. For that, remember, how do I deploy any of the older variations of OS X on my Mac? If you’re seeking to set up Mac OS X Yosemite, prepare yourself for a disappointing journey to the Mac App Keep – It’s not there any extra. Trying to find OS X brings up simplest the present-day version, Mac OS X El Capitan, which replaced Yosemite in autumn 2015, and OS X Server. (El Cap will in flip be replaced by macOS Sierra in autumn 2016, so might-be installers of El Capitan will start arriving on this article before lengthy.)

Thankfully, It’s still feasible to download and installs Mac OS Yosemite on your Mac, although it’s been eliminated from the shop. We show how in this tutorial. This newsletter explains how to deploy older versions of Mac OS X, which includes Yosemite. If you’d like to know the way to deploy the modern version (El Capitan) or a way to install the beta version of the next model (Sierra), both are protected in every other article: the way to update your Mac.

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How to download Yosemite: Why did Apple remove Yosemite from the Mac App Keep?

While Apple releases a new version of its operating gadget, it tries to get as many human beings as viable to improve to the ultra-modern version. This is rarely a sinister aim: the more recent model is generally more comfy, green, and has more moderen functions, and Apple not costs customers to upgrade besides.


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As part of this aim, Apple eliminates previous variations of Mac OS X from the Mac App Shop.

The way to download Yosemite: Reasons to install Yosemite

There are occasionally troubles aging 1/3-birthday celebration software programs to run on the present-day Mac OS; conversely, builders may also need a Yosemite-based test system to see how their new software program works on older operating systems. Possibly your task includes trying out an app on legacy versions of the running device. Or perhaps you want to update from an older version of OS X, but you aren’t ready to head all the manner to El Capitan because you wouldn’t have the drivers you want, or software that you need to apply may not run on El Capitan. In different words, there are legitimate Motives why you may need to get maintain a duplicate of Yosemite to your Mac.

How to download Yosemite: Where can I get Mac OS X Yosemite?

The coolest information is that It’s quite clean to pick out up a replica of OS X Yosemite from the Mac App Save – as long as you have previously ‘purchased’ it. (It is unfastened, so buy might not seem the exceptional word. But If you’ve clicked the download button on the store, that is the equivalent of buying; the software program can be saved to your purchase history even though no money has changed arms.)

While Apple removes older operating structures from the sale, they continue to be on the system for each person who has offered them before. So, assuming you had downloaded it within the beyond, Yosemite has to be there for you presently. You may additionally discover Mavericks, Mountain Lion, and Lion. Right here is a way to get Mac OS X Yosemite from the App Shop If you’ve purchased it in the beyond.

Open the App Keep (choose Save; Sign in case you need to log in).
Click bought.
Scroll all the way down to discover OS X Yosemite.
Click deploy.

The installer software can be downloaded to your Packages folder (as a document referred to as OS X Yosemite). You might not be able to deploy Yosemite at once directly to a system strolling El Capitan. However, it can be used to improve a Mac running an earlier running machine. If you need to revert OS X El Capitan to OS Yosemite, you may format the hard power and install Yosemite onto a clean force.

See this article for greater facts: how to remove El Capitan and go again to Yosemite | Revert to OS X 10.10 Yosemite from El Capitan a way to download Yosemite Yosemite in my bought List. In which can I get a replica? In case you can not see OS X Yosemite on your bought Listing, you have possibly no longer download Yosemite – as a minimum, no longer from this account. This makes it problematic to download a replica of Yosemite with that account, however, don’t worry; there are other alternatives.

Here is one aspect you really shouldn’t do. Do now not go to a torrent site and download a copy of OS X Yosemite. Simply because Apple gives away its software without spending a dime, do not think It is first-class to Just choose up a copy. Nefarious kinds have bypassed Apple’s safety systems via importing pirated copies of Apple software within the past. Those have been adjusted to permit the builders to get entry to the software. OS X controls all your gadgets, and if a hacker produces a personalized reproduction of OS X, they have managed everything you do. Don’t do it.

Using a long way, the exceptional choice is to discover an Apple I’d with a version of Yosemite in the downloads List. Then use their account to download OS X Yosemite. You could either log into your App Keep with their account, or they can download the OS X Yosemite deploy file and pass it directly to you. The report is not locked to the account and could install on any Mac. Apple maintains a List of older Mac OSes on its internet site that you should buy. It currently is going as much as OS X 10. eight Mountain Lion. We don’t doubt Apple will finally add Yosemite to this List, so It is really worth checking there.

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