Uninstalling Facebook app saves up to 15% of iPhone battery life

Fb is one of the maximum downloaded apps on iOS however it has long been mentioned as a motive of rapid-draining iPhone batteries. Closing 12 months it changed into accused of the use of background tricks to stay active even if it wasn’t being used. fb admitted insects existed, and fixed them, but questions of the app’s effect on battery lifestyles remained.

Comparable concerns about fb’s Android app caused the invention that deleting the app saves up to twenty% of a smartphone’s battery. After that revelation, I set approximately seeing if the identical was true for iPhone customers. I discovered that uninstalling fb’s iOS app and switching to Safari can shop up to 15% of iPhone battery existence.

Apple smart battery case
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An opportunity to uninstalling fb is the usage of the hump from Apple’s clever Battery case. Picture: Apple
the use of an iPhone 6S Plus for a week without the main facebook app installed, I recorded the battery life at 10.30pm every day for a week comparing it to a daily average taken from per week with the app. I charged the telephone overnight, taking it off the charger at 7.30am, and used it generally. I accessed fb for the equal quantity of time, and for the identical purposes, the use of the social community’s exceptional cell site inside Safari, as I had accomplished the usage of the app. I additionally left the fb Messenger app installed.

On average, I had 15% greater battery left through 10.30pm every day. I had also stored area, due to the fact on the point I had deleted the fb app it had fed on round 500MB in overall combining the 111MB of the app itself and its cache on the iPhone.

To make certain that this wasn’t a remoted incident, I also recruited numerous other facebook-the usage of iPhone proprietors to conduct a comparable test. They all located comparable effects, with accelerated battery life whilst the use of fb in Safari having uninstalled the main facebook iOS app.


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facebook app and mobile website icons on an iphone 6s plus
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Spot the difference: one is the fb app, the other the facebook cell web page. Image: Samuel Gibbs for the guardian
the use of fb in Safari became nearly as desirable as the app. You could even location a shortcut to fb in Safari on the homescreen that appears nearly equal to the app’s icon (the white is a bit much less brilliant but you want eagle eyes to see). The simplest limit changed into the proportion-to function, which does now not exist for websites, which means that the percentage pix I had to manually hit the “put up photos” button on the cell website online.

Capabilities of the app, together with immediately Articles, are also now not to be had. Tapping a hyperlink at the fb mobile site opens a brand new Safari tab.

The outcomes will range for the smaller iPhone 6S, because it has a smaller battery and shorter battery life normal, however judging by the 6S Plus revel in, casting off the fb app in choice of the use of the social network in Safari will enlarge the battery lifestyles of any iPhone.

A fb spokesperson said the corporation changed into investigating the problem.

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