4 Ways to Get Your Glow Back after Pregnancy

Part lore and old wives’ tale and part physiological, most have heard about the pregnancy glow. Whether you’ve had intimate personal pregnancy experiences or been scrolling Instagram, you’ve likely stumbled upon the phrase. It refers to the light of a mother’s complexion when pregnant. Many mothers experience this phenomenon.

What is this radiating essence? It’s really referring to the enhanced color and look of wellness or health on your skin. From an onlooker’s perspective, pregnancy signifies life and vitality. Physically, the changes occurring in your body can create this radiance. Increased blood flow and hormonal shifts to support new life can cause your skin to seem brighter and more flawless.

If you want to get that radiance back postpartum, it is possible. However, once you have the baby, your glow can quickly dissipate. And some pregnant women only experience a harsh glare or none at all. Instead, they might deal with acne and other skin conditions. Keep reading to learn ways to get your glow back after pregnancy.

1. Address Dark Spots

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on the Face? | Forest Essentials

You can get dark spots on your face that are caused by melasma. Some women experience the darkening of skin or hyperpigmentation during pregnancy. When you’re expecting, you also have a heightened chance of skin sensitivity and susceptibility to sunburn. These factors increase your chances of developing sunspots.

With your increased hormone levels, your cells are working overtime. When you’re out in the sun, discoloration is more likely. Whether from sun damage or melasma, you can treat your skin to get that glow you’ve been missing. See if a prescription for hydroquinone cream might work for you. It’s often prescribed for three to six months.

If that doesn’t work, other topical treatments for melasma, like tretinoin and azelaic acid, exist. There are also medical procedures to diminish dark spots. You might consider trying a chemical peel, exfoliants, or laser therapy. These treatments have different pros and cons, so speaking with a medical professional about your options is important.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

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Healthy skin starts with good hydration. It’s hard for your skin to look healthy if it dries out. To keep that moisture going, you need to drink water. And don’t cheat yourself by counting beverages that include water. Tea, coffee, and lemonade might be delicious and better alternatives than soda, but they don’t help you with hydration.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try coconut water. It has many benefits, including being rich in potassium and electrolytes, which are great for hydration. According to the Mayo Clinic, your body needs water to function properly, and 80% should come from drinks instead of foods. It is recommended that men consume 15.5 cups of fluids a day. Women, on the other hand, should consume at least 11.5 cups.

3. Update Your Skin Care Routine

Postpartum Skincare: How to Take Care of Your Skin After Delivery

Products that worked before pregnancy may not work anymore. Your body has gone through the miracle of supporting new life. As your body regulates to its new normal, you might have to switch up your skincare routine. This is especially true if you’re breastfeeding because it impacts your skin and overall health.

While you’re working on keeping your skin moisturized from the inside by drinking more water, it’s important to moisturize from the outside too. Finding a quality moisturizer can help. However, paying attention to certain ingredients is important because not all skincare products are baby-safe. Look for options that contain niacinamide, zinc, azelaic acid, and hyaluronic acid. They’re safe to use while pregnant or nursing and keep your skin soft and hydrated. They can also help fight dullness.

Keep it with your toothbrush skincare varies from person to person, but with some trial and error, you’ll soon find products that can help you look radiant. o, help you get into the habit of applying moisturizer often. You’ll be reminded to use it during other hygiene routines. Once you’ve incorporated a moisturizer you like, it might also be time to exfoliate. Sloughing off dry and dead skin helps encourage new growth and a perkier look.

4. Don’t Forget Sun Protection

Mixing mineral, chemical sunscreens can wipe out sun protection abilities, according to new study | Newshub

It’s hard to mitigate the damage caused by sun exposure while still basking in it. Protect your skin from further damage to keep that healthy look. Make SPF part of your daily habits. You’re likely already making sure your little one is protected from the sun; take your own advice. Add a hat and sunscreen when you go out.

It might be hard to take extra time to apply sunscreen to yourself when heading out the door. So you can make it part of your morning routine and apply it first thing instead. You could even use makeup or a moisturizer with SPF to protect your face. An all-in-one makeup, moisturizer, and SPF — like a BB cream — can save you time and money in the long run.

Pregnancy and the time after birth come alongside many changes in your body and overall life. However, healthy skin doesn’t have to be a negotiation. Dark undereye circles, melasma, dry skin, and dullness don’t have to be permanent. While the sleepless nights that come with learning to care for a newborn can make it hard to look radiant, there are solutions.

A happy, healthy mom can better care for her new little one. Take the time to focus on self-care when you can. Following a few tips above can help you look your best while jumping into the world of motherhood.

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