Selecting the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning

A simple yet powerful tool for figuring out which apps paintings high-quality on your school room, in your subjects, and your students.

closing week I had the privilege of supplying a keynote deal with at a local schooling technology convention in North Carolina centered on teaching and gaining knowledge of with the iPad. This day amassing was coordinated by means of Franklin Academy predominant David Mahaley and Assistant Administrator and instructor Tim corridor. Over 120 educators came to study, percentage, and talk methods in which the iPad may be used efficaciously inside the teaching and studying manner. A student exhibit become additionally supplied, and it becomes very informative and exciting (the ones Franklin Academy students are an outstanding bunch). with any luck this event, now in its 2d year, will hold for future years.

one of the maximum treasured periods I attended included methodologies for determining which factors of an app make it maximum useful inside the school room. This consultation, presented by way of David Mahaley, addressed the question, “How can teachers maximize the effectiveness of apps used inside the getting to know environment?” We learned about how to evaluate, check, and determine apps for the iPad and their capacity for the academic setting.

iPad App evaluation rubric for instructors teaching lecture room

We’ve all experienced the initial pleasure that can include a new generation like the iPad. It’s no longer either difficult to find apps that we assume might be useful inside the school room (take a look at out this latest post for more on that), but we regularly locate in realistic use that many of them are too unmarried-cause or produce other boundaries that lead them too much less beneficial than we might have firstly predicted. How can we evaluate apps in a regular, trustworthy manner, so that we spend our money and time (for paid apps) accurately?

Use a Rubric!
one of the sources that David cited is Kathy Schrock’s “iPads inside the lecture room” web page, which contains hyperlinks to a wealth of statistics related to teaching with the iPad, in numerous sections. in case, you scroll down the web page a piece, you’ll discover a segment titled “iPad App evaluation guides”. right here you may find numerous rubrics that may be extremely beneficial in figuring out whether an app can be an awesome on your school room.

permit’s take a look at this type of mainly – the assessment Rubric for iPod/iPad Apps:


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Curriculum Connection
consumer Friendliness
scholar Motivation
A short read thru the standards for the highest weighted ranking for every of the domains helps to clarify what every one is addressing. as an example, to score a four for Differentiation, the app ought to “provide complete flexibility to modify settings to meet student wishes.” to attain a 4 for remarks, the app need to offer feedback that “is particular and outcomes in improved pupil performance.”

An example
permit’s investigate the app times desk Quiz (from Koalapps) the use of this rubric. We’ll assume we’re using this in a primary grade degree where the multiplication tables up to 12 x 12 must be found out. times Tables Quiz is a simple unfastened app that offers random multiplication questions and four more than one choice answers to select from. Questions will keep coming till you get one incorrect, and but many the pupil gets accurate is their score. in case, you get an answer wrong, it indicates you the proper answer, and that run of the game is over.

My ranking for the times’ desk Quiz app for every of this rubric’s domain names is as follows:

Curriculum Connection: 4 (“talents reinforced are strongly connected to targeted skill of concept”)
Authenticity: 4 (“focused capabilities are practiced in an authentic layout/ trouble-primarily based mastering environment”)
remarks: 2 (“comments is restricted to the correctness of scholar responses and may allow college students to attempt once more”)
Differentiation: 1 (“App offers no flexibility to modify settings to meet scholar needs (settings can not be altered)”)
consumer Friendliness: four (“college students can launch and navigate in the app independently”)
scholar Motivation: 3 (“students use the app as directed by using the instructor” – this is an imagined rating, as I’ve not had multiple student really use it and provide feedback)
Reporting: 1 (the most effective feedback is the pupil’s score, which best they see, so I thought this become the exceptional suit to the ranking standards offered)
overall rating for instances Tables Quiz: 19 (now not bad for a free app). If we desire to improve in this app, we know how to cognizance our seek – look for an app this is more potent in the decrease ranked areas. If we ought to discover an app that ranks well in all the different regions but improves on comments, Differentiation, and/or Reporting, it need to be a higher suit. perhaps an app that we could us select unique instances tables to drill, gives hints on how to work inside distinctive multiplication sets (like ‘the digits in multiples of nine uploads as much as 9’, that type of thing), or affords summarized performance feedback from the trainer.

Wrap Up
this is an awesome device for inspecting one of a kind software program packages for pupil use in preferred, now not just for the iPad – but for any tablet or different computing tool. This logical, methodical method can allow an instructor or a collection of teachers to carry an informed attitude to deciding on apps for student use. by way of having some teachers use one-of-a-kind apps and then use this rubric to evaluate their applicability and rank them, colleges can convey efficiency and uniformity to app selection and teaching.

Kathy Schrock’s “iPads in the school room” internet web page also incorporates links to many tutorials, lists of apps & associated substances, a segment “mainly for unique training”, and plenty lots extra. it’s miles actually well worth spending some time with this useful resource website if you are an educator the usage of the iPad inside the school room.

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