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Nation of Patriots tour launches Saturday

It is a one-hundred-day, 14,000-mile journey throughout which motorbike riders bring one American flag through the forty-eight continental states to elevate money for wounded veterans and their families. The occasion will begin at Harley-Davidson of Madison with Bill Sherer, founder and government director of the Nation of Patriots. A large organization of riders from Dodge County will be a part of the Madison contingent for the first leg of the adventure. This 12 months’ fundraising intention is $200,000, and contributions of any size are welcome at nationofpatriots.Com.

Anyone who cares to take part will gather at Hogs N Honeez Bar & Grill W7771 Highway 33, Beaver Dam, at 8:30 a.M. Saturday for the trip to Harley-Davidson of Madison. Following a ten a.M. Release rite, the flag will make its manner via southwest Wisconsin to its first stop in Waukon, Iowa. It will then pass town-to-town across the United States of America, raising attention to the needs of veterans and their households. More than a hundred and fifty,000 riders throughout the U.S. Are expected to participate in the Tour before its return Sept. 9 for a parade thru downtown Beaver Dam and a remaining ceremony and party on the Dodge County Fairgrounds.

Does the New Jeep Patriot Fit Your Life-Style?

The new Jeep Patriot is designed with the genuine adventurer in mind while keeping the Patriot budget-friendly. The Jeep Patriot has the same off-avenue capabilities because the Cherokee of vintage, and it additionally promises a similar boxy style to that of the Cherokee. Cherokee enthusiasts can also just fall in love with the new Patriot.

The Jeep Patriot has a body design that retains the protection and luxury of the motive force and passengers in mind. The frame layout is essentially a protection cage utilizing twin-segment steel generation and an advanced joint design for delivered electricity. It comes geared up with the Firestone Affinity black sidewall, all-season touring tire, or the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A all-terrain tire, which we want.

Some of the essential safety capabilities that come standard with the Jeep Patriot are the anti-lock braking machine and the Electronic Stability Program, which incorporates Electronic Roll Mitigation, brake assist, and traction management to reduce the roll-over capability. Manual home windows are general until you choose the power device organization. Front and facet curtain air baggage are available gadgets with the Jeep Patriot, the Sport and Limited model, the far-off keyless entry, and the Sentry Key anti-theft engine immobilizer.

Since the off Avenue features are crucial to the Jeep aficionado, a lively complete-time 4 wheel drive is an to be had the choice, even as the usual 4wd set-up engages with just a turn of a switch with a selectable lock function enabling you to live within the vehicle while attractive the four-wheel drive. A tow package deal choice is to be had for the ones seeking out towing capabilities. The famous system institution is a choice, and is derived with HomeLink, tire stress monitoring device, car statistics center, daylight walking lamps, and security alarm, just to mention a few.

For your next tenting, enjoy the Jeep Patriot has a Boston Acoustics Premium Sound group to be had with two turn-down liftgate audio systems. The Jeep Patriot also features the UConnect Hands-Free Conversation machine, which features a voice-activated manipulate. The middle console has a sliding armrest with a flip pocket to maintain a cellular cellphone or MP3 player. The Racine cloth used as inserts inside the seats is non-obligatory but comes handled with YES Essentials cloth remedy that is stain and odor resistant. The heated leather seats are inside the Jeep Patriot Sport and a well-known gadget for the Jeep Patriot Limited. Many critics have given the Patriot an excellent grade appreciating its primary fashion, off-street capable overall performance, overall performance handing over alternative up-grades, and its financial fee tag. What’s now not to love?


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The Jeep Patriot comes ready with well-known essential functions designed for protection and comfort. It is also prepared to take you on the paved road to rugged trails allowing the real adventurer to discover untouched terrain comfortably. It will get you to out-of-the-way places and again. By upgrading, you’ll have the choice to head on those adventures with added fashion and comfort. All in all, the Jeep Patriot is pretty lots a true adventurer’s car. Go to your local Jeep dealer and check one out.

Immortal Patriotic Songs in Bollywood

BOurmovie industry has all along with the performed good sized component. by assisting the communal concord and countrywide harmony During the many years, a specific range of movies sign cat ifs with engaging of the nationalist subjects have been made, and some of those films started from a significant effect on the viewers of the ‘ spirits. And also important is the fact that our more OK patriotic songs got here from such movies – the songs which now became part of our ethos countrywide.

Less than one year after independence, a movie entitled ‘shaheed ‘ was made by way of Filmistan Studios. It held the primary position of Dilip KUMAR and Kamini Kaushal. Today, one remembers especially this movie for his tune patriotic, rah Watan of ki men the Eau woman of key jawan Shaheed Ho. This music was written by Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, collectively in song utilizing Ghulam Haider, and changed into sung via Mohamed Rafi, Khan Mastana, and chorus. It remains played by using AIR of the vital countrywide days.

In 1954, a children’s movie entitled ‘jagriti ‘ became produced by using the equal banner. Perhaps no different movie appreciates the difference to have several of its patriotic numbers turning so popular. Wise reputation, those songs are Di of ‘Of hamen the Bina of khaddar of Azadi dhaal, the Diya Kar Kamaal. Of you, sant of ke of Sabarmati.. ‘, of ‘Hum of the bush hammer of hain ke nikaal of Chishti of ventilator too, is Bachchan ke. Sambhaal of rakhna of KB of desh handiest. The Bachchan of ‘Aao then dikhayen, the ki of Hindustan of khaki, is the hai ki. Bolivian of dharti of yeh of Karo of tilak of mitti.. ‘ These songs have been written using Pradeep and granted through Hemant KUMAR.

Raj Kapoor became regarded to make romantic films wherein there was a tiny region to adjust patriotic songs. But in a much less known movie produced via him and directed via Amar KUMAR, contains Nahin de Dilli of ‘Ab’ (1957), there have been captivating patriotic songs written with the aid of Shailendra and together with the track via Daftaram. The music becomes, hai of apnea of will Camara of Shaman of ”Yeh, is… Of hai of the road of apnea of EP of dish It turned into a track making a song merrily sung using Asha Bhonsle and refrain. Very few humans don’t forget film these days. However, the way is usually trendy.

In 1957 B.R Chopra made the ‘Naya Daur ‘ Dilip KUMAR, and Vyjayanthimala kept the primary position. There turned into a patriotic tune on this movie, becoming a fury with the lively hundreds of cinematography. And the music was hai of a dish of ‘Yeh transfer ka Castano of ka of the label on of ka of jawans, is… Of kahuna of Kya of years of ka of the dish,’ It turned into placed on a track with the aid of O P. Nayyar.

Naushad, director of track and author Shakeel Badayun of song, collaborated to offer us 3 splendid patriotic songs in the 60s. These songs same are heard today. One of them became ‘Ganga Janma of the movie’ -. Chal of EP of ki of ‘Insaaf of the dikhao Dagar ke. Of Bachchan. It changed into sung with the aid of Hemant KUMAR in its rich baritone. The 2d patriotic music, supposed for kids, is a movie an ‘Its of India ‘ – hoon of Rahi of Munna of Nanha. Sipahi hoon. Of ka of desh. . It turned into sung by Shanti Mathur. The third patriotic tune is ‘Leader of the film the ‘ – the sakte nahin. Of mita of hargiz of fredonnement of KB of azadi of Apni.. It becomes sung via Mohamed Rafi and chorus.

Bimal Roy made a film authorized ‘Kabuliwala’ internal. 1961. In this film, t stunning patriotic track was sung using Manna Dey in his incomparably mélodieuse voice. This music is unsurpassable by depicting a nostalgic love for their motherland while it’s far in a positive overseas country. And this music turned into, alone part of Ai water, handiest Shaman of bichir of AI, the EP urban. Diluted tub.. ‘ this track became parked by the lyric creator Prem Dhawan, collectively in music via Salil Choudhry.

Chetan Anand made (Haqeeqat ‘ internal. 1964. It changed into a film which A depicts our confrontation not successful with the Chinese inside. 1962. The movie has a few patriotic songs moving. But that which is mentioned that nowadays equal is Sathya Kar, find Jan-bronzing of preponement of scale, hawala Sathya. Watan of tum here of ab.. ‘ this ditty moving became parked via Kraft Azmi and collectively with an air of obsession with the aid of Madan Mohan.

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