Choosing the Domain Name for your Blog

Final night time my wife got here home with a book and began a verbal exchange on a subject which I’d been dreading a bit for the reason that time, we first determined out that we have been watching for a child later inside the yr. The ebook turned into known as something alongside the road of ‘Names on your toddler’.

The notion of giving every other man or women a name is a task that may be amusing but at the same time a bit (or a lot) daunting. There are many factors to keep in mind (what could the name be shortened to, who else has that name, what recollections does it evoke, is it clean for a child to mention, should you name them after a person, etc. and so on, etc.) and such a lot of approaches to make a choice. What’s extra, it’s a project that has some stage of obligation connected to it as someone’s call impacts them for a lifetime.

Deciding on a call (and domain name) in your weblog won’t be quite as critical a choice as naming your firstborn baby. Still, it’s far something to consider cautiously and is consequently something I’d like to flesh out a little in this published Page Design Web. For the purposes of this post, I’m assuming which you have selected to go along with a standalone weblog (see previous submit on blog systems) and could not be depending upon a URL furnished by using a blog web hosting corporation AND that your area call will be the name of your weblog (not always the case but commonly the case and normally an encouraged practice).

Why could you need your very own domain name?

Having your personal domain call is ideal for plenty of bloggers for severa reasons. For a start, if you’re trying to construct credibility and a feel of professionalism around your blog, a website that reflects this could help. In addition, a carefully selected area name has the capacity to decorate the branding of a product, provider, commercial enterprise, or even person. Domain purchases give the bonus of e-mail addresses with the same domain (adding to each professionalism and branding) and might beautify your seek Engine rating.

Elements to take into account whilst selecting a website called.

Simply as there are numerous elements to don’t forget in choosing the name of someone, there are numerous implications of selecting names for an internet site. What follows is a listing of factors to keep in mind as you make a choice. Remember the fact that there are numerous theories approximately what is proper and incorrect in this area. Despite all the regulations that humans have, there have been a few very a success websites that forget about them all! Also worth remembering is that private flavor comes into choices like this – what’s a terrific call will suggest various things to distinct people. With the one’s disclaimers in thoughts – allow’s take a look at some areas to recall:


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Desires and targets – I constantly come lower back to a date in a maximum of my tips posts on a ramification of factors of running a blog – but it’s so vital to be deliberating the long time imaginative and prescient which you have for a weblog while you’re making choices like those approximate domain names.

What’s the subject of the weblog?

– an obvious start-line – most weblog names reflect their subject matter
What do you desire to obtain with your weblog?
– is it approximately having an interest, is it approximately building your profile/information, is it approximately earning an earning via commercials, is it to help a present commercial enterprise
What fashion will or not it’s?
– is it a weblog with one or many authors? What length of posts will it have?
What tone and voice will it be written in?
– Will it is conversational, newsy, rant-ish, humorous?
Who’s the meant target market?
– Are you looking to enchantment to experts, younger human beings, cool humans, geeks?
You get the photo. Similar to naming an enterprise, you need to recall the overall approach.

Source of traffic –

I’ve seen many articles on the way to choose a domain call written; however, in only a few of them (if any) have I seen a discussion at the type of visitors you will be trying to construct your internet site/blog around. To me, this is a crucial question (that emerges out of your normal approach) and one that will help you solve a number of the essential questions that we’ll talk about beneath. Permit me to flesh this out a touch:

site visitors to a blog typically comes from three main assets:

Unswerving Readers
search engines
Referral traffic (from different websites)

I’ve talked about each of these types of site visitors in this previous post – they every have their personal wonderful benefits and drawbacks and can result from different techniques. One of the many stuff which could impact the supply of your traffic is your area name. I’ll give an explanation for this more below, but I think it’s worth naming what form of blog and site visitors you’re after up the front. In case you need a weblog that is excessive on SE site visitors, you might properly end up choosing a call that is unique to a weblog with traffic primarily based upon repeat readers. As I say – I’ll make it bigger in this underneath.

Key phrases and Branding –

Many discussions on domain call decisions speak approximately a choice between choosing a domain name with keywords to domains that can be more brandable or frequent. It’s really worth mentioning up the front that it’s miles possible to obtain each (I wager whatever is brandable to a point) – but that this type of preference regularly comes into play. My view comes as a minimum partially again to the type of traffic you’re hoping to draw to your blog. Permits have a look at every in turn:

Key-word-based domain names totally.

Because the name suggests, those domain names contain key phrases that your blog is ready in them. This is good for several motives. Firstly it communicates something for your readers in no time, almost about what your blog is about. The opposite advantage is that search engines take an excellent look at the words on your domain name while deciding what your weblog is set and a way to rank it. As an end result, in case you’re after SE site visitors, then those styles of names may be well worth searching at. Examples of blogs with keyword-based domains are Cellphone9, the film blog, Sims Gamer, and the virtual pictures faculty.

Brandable domains

– those domain names would possibly often have a few relations to their subject matter in terms of their sense or sound but are tons more approximately creating something memorable which can grow to be an identity in and of itself. In phrases of visitors approach – those blogs would be suitable for growing a blog aiming to build a community of unswerving readers. Of route, those blogs also can do thoroughly in engines like google, but that is normal for different reasons (keywords in URLs are simply one among many elements).

Blogs that have those varieties of domains consist of Boing Boing, Gizmodo, and Dooce. In reality, if you have a look at Technorati’s top one hundred blogs – you’ll see that most of them have brandable names and are now not key-word based totally. Like I’ve noted above, those two options are not mutually distinct. One instance that comes to mind is Engadget, which has to be a memorable and well-branded call containing ‘device’. There are precise arguments for and towards each style of area call, which we should talk approximately for a while, and it’s pretty not unusual to sense torn when making this sort of choice between the two options.

Contemplating the future –

any other thing to bear in mind that is associated with my first factor of goals and objectives is to remember what your blog would look like within the destiny. I’ve visible some bloggers begin-up blogs with domain names that are healthy with the subject of the blog, to begin with; however, which outgrow the area down the tune. In a single example, the hassle becomes that the blog began on a reasonably narrow subject matter (a sub-area of interest) and on a website that contemplated this; however that in time, it increased its topic as the industry modified. In the end, the topic and call just didn’t in shape.

Any other ‘future element’ to consider is the number of blogs you’re taking into account starting in your area. Take a look at for an example of the way it’s viable to have one domain with many blogs strolling off it. The weblog (sure they may be blogs – run by MovableType) ‘approximately’ masses of subjects and feature a site call that suits this flawlessly. I actually have fallen into the lure of not questioning beforehand in my area where I presently have a weblog on digital Cameras. I guess this is an instance of how, ultimately, it doesn’t be counted what domain you start blogs on as it’s a weblog that does quite nicely. However, I was frequently surprised how an awful lot higher it ought to have executed if I’d just idea in advance a bit more!

Lastly, at the ‘future the front’ –

don’t pick out a name that you suspect may date quickly. Picking a call this is time precise in any way would possibly discover you attempting to find a brand new domain whilst it’s miles now not relevant at some destiny time.

Call duration –

there are more than a few critiques on what the precise period of a website name is. Technically you could have one with up to sixty-seven characters in it. Still, it’s far normally customary that brief ones are higher for some motives, including that they’re easier to do not forget, that they leave much less room for making mistakes whilst typing them in, they are properly for phrase of mouth (online or offline) marketing, that they are more visually fascinating (e.g., on your enterprise card) and so on.

The opposite argument is that if you seek SE visitors that you may want to, don’t forget a longer area name with a number of the keywords you’re looking for site visitors. My non-public choice nowadays is for shorter domains if feasible, however no longer only for the sake of being short. Plus, short names are very famous and tough to locate in recent times, so that you might be compelled to recollect something a touch longer anyway.

Dot What? –

in conjunction with the debates over area call period comes many critiques over what’s the fine to have at the give up of your area after the ‘dot’. Those letters (, .internet, .org, and so forth) are technically called the pinnacle stage area (TLD) and are divided into two types. First of all, the united states codes TLDs, and secondly, there are ‘common’ TLDs that represent special styles of businesses (in concept at the least).

As I say, there is a spread of methods to deciding on which TLD to go for:


– the primary consideration is the legalities of your desire as one-of-a-kind countries and widely wide-spread TLDs have one-of-a-kind requirements, but the seo – that is wherein among the arguments over TLDs are available. I’m now not going to get into it in depth except to say that most people to be maximum effective. Internet are also true. Additionally, if you are starting a weblog with a localized consciousness, it’s far properly really worth considering a country code to your TLD because it will assist you in getting indexed in local search engines (I am getting quite a few site visitors on domain names from Google Australia). If you’re going for an extra worldwide target market, strive


– one of the frustrations I’ve with ProBlogger internet is in reality that people anticipate that it can be determined. Of course, when I got here to register in this area, I attempted to get, but it turned unavailable, so I determined that. Internet would serve my functions (which it has). The most effective price is is so ‘ordinary’ that many humans assume that your blogs will constantly be your address. Hyphens? – another everlasting debate with domain names is over the price of hyphenated names. For example, a hyphenated version of this blog might be There are foremost motifs that a few human beings opt for hyphenated names:


One of the most important reasons for going with hyphens is that ‘all the desirable names are taken’ (or, at a minimum, it may appear this way). Including hyphens to names truly offers extra alternatives.

Search engine optimization

– hyphens are said to become aware of keywords to search engines like google more truly (all over again, there is some debate over this). Of course, for every positive, there may be a poor, and the arguments in opposition to keywords encompass:


– including hyphens can make it complicated for readers to remember your name hard to speak – have you ever attempted to inform a person of a domain name with a hyphen between every phrase? It may be a worrying method multiplied Margin for mistakes – the extra characters for your area, the greater the hazard of an improper keystroke cheap and Nasty thing.

– there may be a belief amongst many net-masters that domain names with lots of keywords and hyphens are spammy. I personally don’t thoughts a website with one (maybe two) hyphens in them; however, domains-that-have-lots-of-them-frustrate-me-and-flip-me-off. Numbers? Every other choice to bear in mind when selecting a domain on a pretty crowded subject consists of various at the start or quit of it. Another time this will increase your chances of finding a domain with your keyword in it; however, it could ‘cheapen’ the sound of your area (remember the opinion, of course).

‘Easy’ Names –

most ‘specialists’ in this place argue that a site name needs to be clean to spell, pronounce, remember and sort. Web customers are notoriously lazy, and if your web page is not clean to locate, they might just quickly surrender searching for it. As a result, the less difficult you could make your domain to do not forget and get right of entry to the more threat you have of visitors from repeat readers.

Preserving it criminal –

it’s far enormously recommendable to assume critically approximately the legal implications of the words you operate for your area call. Keep away from trademarked names specifically. I understand more than once that bloggers have been compelled to modify months into new blogs because of criminal threats. Whether those laws vary from country to u. s. a. I’m uncertain – but it’s well worth considering in case you’re selecting a domain that would conflict on this way.

The ‘blog’ word –

One temptation for many bloggers is to apply the phrase ‘blog’ in the call and URL in their blog. This has the advantage of establishing new alternatives for domain names but can also have a few changes. For starters, it could see the possibilities for increasing your web page down the track constrained. Someday, you don’t need to run your website in a blog format; you would possibly sense a chunk trapped. The alternative reason is that if you are looking to apply AdSense as a profits’ circulation in your blog down the music, it is a hassle to serve commercials approximately blogging when the phrase ‘blog’ seems too prominently on a domain. This is adequate when your weblog is set running a blog – however, it isn’t too conducive to excessive advert relevancy if you’re writing on a distinct subject matter.

Secure multiple domains –

Many experienced webmasters suggest that one piece of recommendation is to ensure that you comfy other similar domains to the only one you eventually pick. For instance, if you pick out area name, it is probably worth getting ones if you could, or perhaps even getting plurals or other logically comparable ones. This is not essential but may assist you in shielding your niche in some instances.

Evaluations of Others –

earlier than you purchase that domain you’ve been eyeing off, it is probably worth going for walks by using one or different trusted pals (who gained’t run off and buy it themselves). It’s super how centered you may end up on locating the proper call and the way which can cloud your judgment. It’s also thrilling to look at how a call might sound to someone of a specific culture for your own. Words imply various things in extraordinary a part of the arena, and it could help you avoid an embarrassing mistake or just a dorky blog name.

Formerly used domains –

It’s worth checking to peer if a domain has been formally registered. Spammers often purchase up domains, after which they abandon them later after they’ve used them up. This can go away those domains banned through Google, which gets you off to a pretty bad start.

Of course, the above factors aren’t tough and fast guidelines. As I’ve referred to frequently earlier, many of the worse domain names on websites have ended up being pretty successful. I’ve blogs trapped on domain names that have been no longer concept thru thoroughly (largely because I didn’t realize any better, and that’s the way matters developed) – a number of them do poorly, and others do thoroughly. There’s extra to a blog’s fulfillment or failure than its name or URL – all I’m arguing is that a smart preference in this may better your probabilities inside a long time. Some equipment you might like to use in deciding on a site name encompass:

Whois source

Since loose to add your own pointers, suggestions, and studies in feedback. For greater training on registering domains, setting up web hosting, and putting in place WordPress, you may also find Jon Symon’s video collection on the topic worthwhile.

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