Wedding Photography Tips & Tricks: Denis Reggie shows how it’s done with the Canon 5D Mark IV

The Canon 5D Mark IV can do plenty of things nicely, with a 30-megapixel complete-frame sensor, improved video features that consist of 4K video recording, and a rugged, climate-sealed frame. Panorama photography, photojournalism, portraiture, industrial pictures, you name it, the 5D IV is a significant step up from its already-capable predecessor, the Mark III.

The first-class camera for weddings?

Perhaps extra than whatever, though, the 5D Mark IV looks like a close-to-ideal match for wedding ceremony photographers. Smaller and lighter than 1D-series cameras, it’s much easier to have multiple 5D-sized bodies slung throughout your shoulders all day long. The more compact grip will also be welcomed via woman photographers, who now account for 60% of wedding ceremony professionals inside the US. The excessive ISO functionality of its complete-frame sensor is a wonderful assist below dim lighting conditions, letting you keep away from intrusive flash pictures. Sooner or later, its redesigned shutter mechanism is quiet, assisting you in blending into the background and capture activities candidly as they unfold.

We these days had the opportunity to spend a little time with a legendary wedding photographer and Canon Explorer of Mild Denis Reggie, extensively recognized because of the creator of the cutting-edge “photojournalistic” method to wedding photography. Denis pretty lots singlehandedly broke wedding images far away from the staid, dull, formal poses and institution pictures of the beyond, so it becomes an unprecedented privilege to tap his enjoy and understanding. He’s also a big fan of the Canon 5D Mark IV, calling it the last wedding digital camera after spending per week shooting in Napa for Canon.

White stability settings at the Canon 5D Mark IV provide you with either absolutely neutralizing the lighting fixtures shade or keeping some warmth, as on this shot here. (Photograph copyright Denis Reggie. Used with permission.) The placing turned into Denis’ fellow Explorer and personal pal Parish Kohanim‘s studio simply north of downtown Atlanta, about 10 days before the 5D Mark IV changed into found out to the public. Cute model Adair stood in as the bride du jour, with makeup artist Angelica and hairstylist Amanda assisting her in looking great.

Wedding Photography

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While operating a marriage, Denis’ regular approach is the mixture into the background, in his words to become “just an observer … With a digicam”. On this day, although, we got him to talk via the technique a bit, sharing a few terrific tips and tricks you could take into the sector to your next wedding ceremony shoot and displaying off some features of the 5D Mark IV inside the system. The resulting video is a perfect opportunity to listen from one of the actual masters of the sphere, with a few very sensible guidelines for your subsequent shoot.

Within the video, Denis takes us via multiple mock-wedding ceremony situations, highlighting a number of the Canon 5D Mark IV’s new functions, consisting of its on-hand touchscreen and auto white stability “white” precedence putting (which turned into first brought onto the 5DS/R cameras). This new AWB setting produces plenty greater impartial color below Mild resources with sturdy color casts. You could see the evaluation between it and everyday car white stability within the pair of photographs under. Canon 5D Mark IV automobile White stability ‘W’ (left) vs. popular automobile White stability (right)
(Image copyright Denis Reggie. Used with permission.)

Except speaking approximately this new white stability alternative at the 5D IV, Denis shows a way to lessen distortion in wide-angle portrait shots and demonstrates the sudden and particularly counterintuitive effects of balancing your flash’s color temperature to the ambient lights: you may pick to both maintain the warmth of the to be had Mild or neutralize it, regardless of whether you’re capturing with available Mild or flash. Every other wonder for us came When Denis dialed in two full stops of publicity repayment for one of the shots. (We had been standing there questioning, “two stops? Yeah, proper…” The photographs of the route were flat-out fabulous. The Canon 5D IV pairs superbly with the new 600EX-RT Speedlight. The orange filter included within the container with the 600EX helps you to, without difficulty, stability to ambient tungsten lighting, and Canon’s new radio-triggering gadget manner you don’t want line-of-sight contact among the grasp and slave units.

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