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Tips to improve the internet and Wi-Fi connection

Are you dealing with spotty and My Live Updates frustrating connectivity troubles? We’re here up to date assist your Roku participant stream easily. Beneath are troubleshooting hints for a number of the most not unusual problems. The latter hints are a chunk more advanced, so please reach out to our help team (click here for CA or uk help) if you have any questions alongside the manner.

1. Place the router

Up-to-date simply the slightest adjustment updated the router’s position in your house can make a massive distinction in overall performance. It’s up to date up-to-date vicinity the router has updated the center of your property as possible, which lets in similarly allotted up-to-date the sign (see image beneath).

Router placement image: thru Verizon Fios net guide

Avoid putting the router in a basement or up-to-date a window or other electronics. Household devices up to date cordless phones and microwaves may additionally emit interference and reduce the wi-fi signal. Those are 10 router locations that are probably killing your signal. Does your router have an antenna? In that case, alter it. Up to date-time, a moderate attitude tweak can help.

2. Placement of your Roku participant

Up to date tip #1, the location of your Roku participant is crucial as nicely. You could trade the direction it faces – even a few inches one manner or the other may additionally improve the reception. If you have a Roku three participant, we endorse connecting up-to-date router at once through an Ethernet cable. See installation instructions here.

3. Update your router wirelessrmware

The router’s wirelessrmware and driving force need up-to-date stay updated offer foremost streaming overall performance. Take a look at the up-to-date manufacturer’s website frequently for updates up to date to preserve your router in the greatest condition. Additionally, it could’t harm up-to-date make sure your router is optimized for contemporary streaming technology. The cutting-edge routers function 802.11n generation and are best for video streaming, at the same time as older routers (802.11g/b) tend up-to-date have regulations.

It could be time up to date to get a brand new router. A more moderen router version that runs on the wi-fi.0Ghz frequency is a remarkable option as it will have much less congestion, like wi-fi.0Ghz is a much less used band. Note 5wireless.0Ghz frequency is the simplest supported on Roku gamers that guide dual band wi-fiwireless up-to-date the Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI version), Roku 2, and Roku 3.

4. Get an extender

Another option is a wi-wireless variety extender or booster, which could help grow your property’s wi-fi insurance and variety. Now and again, shifting the Roku participant or wi-fi router isn’t an opportunity, so this could be really worth looking up to date. There are many alternatives – test along with your updated networking device provider, be it your ISP, an up-to-date, or even the wi-wireless router manufacturer to look if they have an advocated model.


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We provide a loose HDMI extender for our Roku Streaming Stick (HDMI model) up to date. This can also improve wireless reception.

5. wi-fi. Check your pace

The relationship up-to-date the net from your community is a key issue updated in the capability to get the wi-first-rate streaming to enjoy. Special streaming channels may have barely varying minimal internet connection speeds. In standard, the faster your net connection, the better the video wi-first-class. For the wi-fiwireless viewing consequences, we endorse a minimum download pace of 3.0 Mbps for preferred dewirelessnition and as much as 9.0 Mbps for HD content.

You may check your community pace at the speed test. Internet. We recommend up-to-date run this take a look at numerous instances, ideally for the duration of speciwiwireless instances of the day. If your wi-fi that you take a look at result bandwidth is continually less than anticipated, you must contact your ISP (internet service company) up-to-date troubleshoot.

Channels that include Netflix up-to-date adjust your playback settings up-to-date bandwidth regulations. This is additionally wi-fi for users updated assist control their internet usage if their ISP has records utilization caps. You’ll also be aware whilst you lease or purchase wi-fi or television indicates, some channels will come up with the option of up-to-date movement of the SD or HD version. We advise you to select the version up-to-date net bandwidth pace referred to as updated above.

6. Restriction the devices hogging the internet speed

You’re streaming a movie even as sure wireless the internet in your up to date. One of the youngsters is playing Xbox upstairs, and the alternative is video chatting in their bedroom – and now you’re getting the “loading, please wait” display screen. All through the instances, while there may be heavy net usage in your house, shared bandwidth may be bogged down. You may either consolidate the number of gadgets hogging the bandwidth or invite all and sundry up-to-date the living room for a family wi-film wireless nighttime – disaster prevented!

7. Alternate your wi-wireless channel up to date a less congested one

If you stay in a dense residential place, you may be up-to-date updated see different wi-fi networks around you. It also includes recommended up-to-date live on a separate channel, keeping away from interference and noise updated wi-fiwireless network. Channels 1, 6, and eleven are commonly endorsed, as they don’t have any overlapping frequencies. Info on converting the wi-fiwireless channel placing may be determined in the consumer guide in your router. In a few instances, you could want an up-to-date update on your wi-fiwireless router’s wirelessrmware. Test up-to-date router’s manufacturer up-to-date wi-firm that the ultra-modern wirelessrmware version is installed.

8. Disable satisfacupupdated of service (QoS)

if you are not using this provider for precedence wireless routing. QoS enables police the wi-fitrafwiwireless on your community, letting extra time-up-to-date or crucial up-to-date take precedence over non-important up-to-date. A common example could be VOIP up to daters. Info on disabling your QoS putting can be observed in the consumer manual up-to-date router.

9. Exchange DNS servers up to date improve name resolution

Area call servers (DNS) are distributed databases used up to date to translate the area name (URL) to update the server’s genuine IP deal. Some DNS services are higher than others depending on the date of your updated region and the domain names being accessed. The 2 DNS offerings underneath are loose that can be used up to date routers putting

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