This candle smells like a newly-opened Mac laptop

Want the alluring aroma of a freshly-opened Apple product with out forking over masses of dollars for a real device?


The agency Twelve South, which focuses on promoting Mac accessories, offers a candle featuring the fragrance New Mac. Yes, the candle smells like an Apple MacBook just eliminated from its box.

The candle costs $24, a far cry from the $1,299 beginning rate for the contemporary model MacBook. According to the Twelve South website, the candle is made of soy wax, and capabilities heady scent notes of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage.

How You Can Change a Mac Computer to Look Like Windows
Do you need to run some home windows packages to your Mac? Many human beings obtainable have grown to be acquainted with the easy to apply, consumer friendly Mac running System, however in some instances they need to get right of entry to Windows packages for paintings or different obligations. So what is a person to do in this case, purchase separate machines so he can run both OS’s, I don’t assume so. Why might you want to buy two machines when you easily Change a Mac Computer to seem like home windows and run home windows programs and Mac programs on your Mac aspect-by way of-aspect. The approach is known as virtualization and if you want to run windows on your Mac then hold analyzing…

They manner you’ll be able to exchange your Mac laptop Look like home windows are through Virtualization. Virtualization is a bit of software that allows a person to run a couple of guest running systems inside the main host operating device. That means you may run windows on your Mac PC and access and run home windows applications on the gadget as if you have been the usage of an everyday PC.

With virtualization, you can switch between home windows packages and Mac packages seamlessly; it adds a whole new Dimension to computer use. One specific example of its use is in case you are a images designer and use home windows based software for work, then you can effortlessly run it on your Mac at home, while not having to repurchase a Mac Version (which can be pretty luxurious with those types of software). Also, most of the people use Microsoft office for everyday tasks at paintings, and if you own a Mac at domestic then you may effortlessly get admission to and make a contribution for your earn a living from home via the usage of virtualization.

If you are critical about virtualization and would really like to trade your Mac PC to appear to be home windows then there some major gamers within the enterprise that you could test out. However, the only that stands proudly for me and is probably the high-quality device available on the market for walking windows on Mac is Parallels Desktop. The software is available for a Free trail download and You Get whole, immediately access to all your packages, files and folders throughout Windows and Mac OS X in a single, seamless revel in. To download the Free version, go to the hyperlink at the bottom of the page.

So in case you have been thinking How To Change a Mac Computer To Look Like Windows then marvel no extra as all you need to do is take hold of a few Virtualization Software and the activity is executed. Parallels software might be the way to head as their programs run 20% quicker than the nearest competitor (VMWare) and also they offer a Free trial version. So you may start running windows on your Mac nowadays and spot how cool the entire revel in can surely be!

Pros and Cons of Buying a Mac Computer

As laptop viruses, adware and malware continue to take their toll on PC users and Apple keeps to release a laugh and popular patron devices that garner lots of media attention, many laptop customers ponder shopping for a Mac. As proprietor of a laptop repair provider center that offerings both PC’s and Mac’s this writer is in a completely unique position to provide an explanation for the advantages and downsides of proudly owning a Mac vs. A PC.


Macintosh computer systems are much less susceptible to viruses and malware. This by myself is the single largest benefit to owning a Mac and the very motive why many computer customers pick out to buy a Mac. When you personal a Mac PC you could assume now not getting infected with some thing contagious and having to pay a computer to restore service middle to both easy up or reload your Windows computer.

Coolness element. Let’s face it, Mac’s are simply cool– They are styled tons higher than a PC and that they absolutely appearance wonderful. Many have again-lit keyboards, an Apple brand that lighting up and other cool capabilities that you will now not discover on a PC.

OS X Operating System. The Mac’s working machine is primarily based on Unix, that is superior to Windows as a long way as safety, functions and operational capability are worried. Many of the most powerful computers inside the global are run on Unix based totally structures.

Apple has a monopoly on Mac hardware. Aside from the purchase fee on the Mac being lots better than the PC, this additionally way that you are going to pay huge money for parts if you ever want a hardware repair. For example even as a strength deliver for a PC typically prices around $50 many Mac energy resources price upwards of $400.

Less availability of software program. While this location is getting better most software is still designed for the PC first and then Mac compatibility is delivered as an afterthought. This means that a number of the software that you may want to run may not be available in a version that will run on the Mac.

Mac capabilities are less transferable into the place of work than PC abilities. Unless you work in the graphic design industry, becoming a professional at the Mac probable isn’t always going to help you a whole lot at paintings or faculty. Virtually any enterprise is going to be in general run on PC’s and PC abilities will continue to be more treasured to you in most jobs than Mac abilities might be.
Mac Computers Have Captured The Market
Consumers which can be searching out a brand new laptop usually have the controversy; ought to I go with a Mac or a PC? Well, it seems like more and more human beings every year are leaning towards the Mac.

This doesn’t marvel me as I even have many reasons why they are making this choice and I’ll proportion them with you in this article. If you are inside the manner of choosing, you’ll probable understand why it’s worth spending a piece extra on a Mac after analyzing this.

Apple has set trends with their innovative searching books. They now are available all varieties of colors and even in white/black have a complicated look. Computers were unpleasant, till Mac set the tone. It’s now not simply inside the Mac computers, however in all their products!

Many human beings will say that marketing doesn’t work adore it used too. Well, it sure does for Mac. There are numerous campaigns that Apple has produced for his or her Macbook computer systems. There’s the Mac vs. PC and Big Brother business that everyone knows. All their ads stand out and truely make a long-lasting influence. I can not recall any PC commercials!

Now that Macs can guide Windows, it is a whole new ball recreation. Originally Macs could not try this, however, after they modified to Intel processor it turned into smooth sailing for Mac as they can now run Windows natively. In truth, Mac can run it faster than every other computer available!


Have you ever observed that a Mac can run for weeks without rebooting? Mac OS X is extraordinarily surprising on this experience. There’s no chance a PC can live to tell the tale weeks without a necessary reboot.

When humans say there aren’t virus headaches with Mac OS X, it’s pretty near authentic. From experience, I’ve never seen an endemic on Mac OS X, however, of the path, some thing should cross wrong. I can’t inform you how many viruses’ I’ve treated on a PC!

And remaining but now not least, customer support! Apple has unfolded shops all over, for his or her users to truly pop over to their genius bar! The NY Times voted Apple as the #1 customer service for computers!

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