The life of colorful Christchurch wealthy-lister Earl Hagaman

He might be remembered as Christchurch’s colorful Californian millionaire, not shy of throwing fancy get dressed parties or expressing his sturdy affairs of state.


After several years of growing frailty, having suffered several falls and a cracked pelvis in 2015, Earl Hagaman, the ninety two-12 months-antique owner of the Scenic Hotel Group, died at domestic early on Thursday.

Wife and enterprise accomplice, Lani, said Hagaman handed surrounded by means of family and friends. “Scenic Hotel Group continues to perform like an own family and he becomes our King. He could be substantially ignored by means of everyone. Today turned into a very peaceful and loving stop to an outstanding tale.”

In Pursuit of Christchurch Riches

Famous as ‘green town’, Christchurch is positioned midway down the east shore of the South Island. Many travelers take the flights to Christchurch as the entrance to stroll around New Zealand’s South Island and to locate that a vacation in Christchurch is packed with an air of mystery. The tiny city is particularly English in recognition and appearance and has such a lot of parks and gardens that it isn’t difficult to imagine you are in the geographical region. The South Island’s biggest city with the citizens of 337,000 and the predominant worldwide gateway is a pulsating, cosmopolitan region with stimulating fairs, fun theater, present day artwork galleries, gratifying purchasing, award-triumphing sights and a host of activities that urge the hundreds of thousands of tourists to verify their Christchurch flights.


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The metropolis enjoys all the facilities of a current town, but is still very a good deal a local center functioning because of the wealthy rural community, with a laid-back velocity to life. Its Gothic revitalization cathedral, gray colored nineteenth century systems, avenues aligned with bright green bushes and massive leafy parks have sealed the beauty and allure of a past era. Christchurch flights are a suitable base from which to discover the surrounding rustic panorama and the natural attractions and activities of the location. After spending an afternoon inside the metropolis the visitors will be capable of experience a rocking international nightlife again in the metropolis.

Animated with color, atmosphere and traditional sights, Christchurch is a captivating metropolis that values its tradition and background, however, suggests 12 months round range of recent and electrifying adventures and entertainment sports. The town is occupied of delights, from the beautiful neo-gothic Arts galleries to the momentous tram which circles the town center, to the Christchurch Gondola and exclusive attractions just like the International Antarctic Centre. The purchasing scene is amazing and the café life is a joyful celebration of herbal New Zealand delicacies and exceptional wines. So, take the flights to Christchurch and enjoy the Christchurch’s booming beauty.

Known globally for its blessed gardens, Christchurch is likewise a town of events and fairs. Whatever the season, you choose to tour and e-book the flights to Christchurch you may find a non-forestall program of pursuit with events like the Festival of Romance, the International Buskers Festival, winter Arts Festival, and Showtime Canterbury in November.


Christchurch also enjoys New Zealand’s top rate cause-built Convention Centre that could accommodate up to 10 to 2500 public. You will even get the Christchurch Town Hall, a hall devoted to acting arts and the Westpac Trust Center, a multi-purpose interior venue for most important sporting and enjoyment activities.

Adventures to the End of the Earth in Christchurch, New Zealand

It may be in the quiet of the earth for many international tourists however in lots of approaches that’s part of the cause it’s so great. I can not guarantee that you will run into pirates on your travels via Christchurch, however, I can assure you of a surely unforgettable enjoy.

Christchurch is within the coronary heart of New Zealand’s South Island, ways eliminated from the overcrowded visitor hot spots of Europe, preventing in the Middle East and pollution in Asia. This is a place of rare beauty, supplying traffic the danger to experience the snow capped ski fields of the Southern Alps sooner or later and swim with dolphins the following.

New Zealand & Australia, aren’t they the same area?

New Zealand is regularly linked hand in hand with Australia and even as they percentage a variety of cultural similarities, there are massive variations on the subject of why you will go to either. Australia is a South Pacific getaway blessed with stunning beaches, friendly humans and an entire lot of nothing referred to as the Outback. New Zealand stocks the pleasant people, however, gives a distinct revel in, wealthy in cultural records, adrenaline pumping adventure sport, mind-blowing sightseeing, memorable landscapes and particular wildlife.

Christchurch encapsulates all matters true about New Zealand and serves them to you on a plate, a new and thrilling attraction in no way extra than more than one hours away. If you have seen the Lord of the Rings movies then you definitely may have observed a number of the splendid environments that cowl the New Zealand’s South Island. These have been no CGI special effects; a lot of these locations are only a stone throw from Christchurch and can be a part of a wonderful vacation, vacation or excursion. Be the envy of your friends as you display-off your excursion pictures with pleasure.

Christchurch sightseeing & points of interest

Christchurch and the broader Canterbury location has a robust English history and much of this still stays inside the city location. Visitors can revel in a punt alongside the Avon River, a sightseeing experience on the Tramway or Gondola, a walk via the majestic Hagley Park or satisfaction in the top notch Botanical Gardens. Christchurch is New Zealand’s lawn City and proudly presentations this inside the sheer number of beautiful gardens citywide.

New Zealand’s unique location on the globe has brought about Christchurch becoming the world’s hyperlink to Antarctica. This exquisite continent of frozen ice can be skilled from Christchurch’s International Antarctic Centre. More than simply learning approximately Antarctica, visitors can revel in icy slopes, sheltering in an ice cave, braving an Antarctic storm and plenty of more fun activities.
Venturing out of Christchurch, head towards the charming French-inspired city of Akaroa. Just an hours drive from Christchurch, Akaroa is located on the South Island’s Banks Peninsula, a first rate vicinity in which several outside activities can be loved year round. Kayak alongside an extinct volcano, hike thru lovely walking tracks, enjoy astonishing harbor cruises, mountain motorcycle along coastal hills and experience the paranormal experience of swimming with dolphins. Akaroa’s rich cultural history complements these sports and creates a revel in that on my own makes an experience to Christchurch profitable.

Christchurch adventure recreation

So you’ve taken inside the sights, experienced the metropolis and visible the encompassing areas, what’s subsequent you ask? Well, why no longer strive the uniquely New Zealand experience of adventure recreation! Strap on a parachute, hook on a bungee cord, clip on some skis and maintain on for a few exhilarating jet boating, white water rafting and more! Christchurch is a stone throw from this kind of a laugh adventure sports and more, you don’t must be a pro athlete to revel in them and they may be something you may recall for the relaxation of your lifestyles. Feel the frenzy as you jump head first from a bridge or aircraft and let the wild rivers of New Zealand give you the rush of a lifetime as you surge down rapids on a jet boating or rafting journey. There are lots of pleasant excursion options to be had and you may experience the revel in even greater as you meet new faces and pleasant characters alongside the manner.


If you need something specific and adventurous in an international that is rapid losing new and exciting locations then head to Christchurch, New Zealand. Whether it is part of wider New Zealand revel in or a particular South Island adventure, you might not be upset. Head to the threshold of the earth and spot a world you never knew existed. If Middle Earth absolutely were actual you would locate it properly here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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