A Concise Guide to Starting Afresh with a Brand-New Smartphone

It used to be the case that a fresh start was always based around the introduction of a brand-new year, and many people throughout the country and worldwide still draw a line and start anew as the clock chimes midnight.

Alongside this traditional ‘resetting’, the introduction and availability of technology have presented a secondary way of starting a new phase of your life: when you start using a new phone.

Continue reading for a concise guide on starting afresh with your new smartphone and getting the most out of the device.


Ramp Up Your Security Features

As you intend to use your new smartphone to clear out the clutter in your life and start anew, it makes sense that you will want to keep this electronic window into your world as safe and secure as possible.

Follow these simple safety measures to ensure a secure phone:

  • Log out from any websites you have made a purchase through
  • Only download new applications from a trusted online store
  • Keep your phone locked under a passcode
  • Change your banking passwords regularly
  • Never use the same password twice

Use Your Phone to Make Your Life Easier

Everyone loves to lose themselves in one or more addictive games available to download to their phone occasionally. Still, as part of this new and improved version of yourself, you must be more productive too.

For example, you can save excessive time and personal inconvenience by ordering your prescription medication online through You could also set up a safe and secure Internet banking account to manage your money more effectively.

Ensure that every application you download is verified and necessary; this way, you avoid clogging your new phone’s storage with unnecessary data.

Expand Your Entertainment Genres

Suppose you are a social media user or someone who uses your phone to watch documentaries on YouTube, for example. In that case, it is highly likely that if an IT expert examined your history and internet cache, there would be similar themes to the types of entertainment you choose.

Treat your new phone as an opportunity to access more niche subject matter, broaden your knowledge pool, and expose yourself to new ways of thinking and fresh perspectives.

Think of Your Phone as an Electronic Organizer

Another hugely effective way to use your new smartphone is as an electronic organizer and diary.

You can put every one of your friend’s birthdays to be automatically synced to your phone’s calendar, and when a business meeting or social brunch is arranged through text message or e-mail, this will go into your calendar.

Additional ways to use your smartphone to help organize your time more effectively include starting a family household WhatsApp group for socializing and keeping track of chores and other responsibilities. Perhaps create two – one fun, one chore based so they don’t get lost in the noise.

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