How to Assess Players Form in Fantasy Cricket?

The e-sports industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry today. In the current sporting world, many coaches, analysts, physios, dietitians, and trainers assist players and teams worldwide. The emergence and popularity of fantasy sports, especially the analysis behind these fantasy cricket leagues, attracts many sports fans. Therefore, sports analysts greatly assist the players in these times.

As sports analytics has benefited immensely from the growth and popularity of Machine Learning algorithms, Machine Learning and Data Mining progress have enabled sports analysts to evaluate a player’s performance more effectively. As a result, analysts use Machine Learning algorithms and perform various inspections ranging from player performance evaluation to team selection, maximizing the chances of their team’s win, etc.

Interestingly, cricket’s shortest format, T20, is the most data-driven format. Additionally, India’s billion dollars cricket fantasy league market transforms Indian cricket fans from mere spectators to the main stakeholders of the game. Therefore, analysts must develop better player performance evaluation indexes for fantasy users, fans, coaches, and managers.

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Here Is How To Evaluate a Players Form In Fantasy Cricket

For batsmen

The following factors are considered while calculating the total points.

  • More runs mean more bonus points.
  • More value will be given to the batsman’s innings in case of opposition’s combined bowling strength is higher.
  • If a player has scored more runs in a match where his team wins,, he gets bonus points. Further, bonus points will be more if the victory is against a strong team..
  • A not-out innings receive a bonus point.
  • If a player score runs when his team is in crisis, then the player gets more rating points.

For bowlers

  • Wickets taken and runs conceded.
  • Ratings of the batsmen dismissed – Virat Kohli’s wicket carries more rating than Mohammad Shami’s.
  • Bowlers get some credit for the heavy workload.
  • Bowlers who take a lot of wickets in a match in which their team wins receive a bonus. That bonus will be higher against a highly-rated opposition team.
  • Bowlers who do not bowl in a high-scoring inning are penalized.

Strategies For Selecting Players in Fantasy League

Fantasy cricket has become one of the most popular online games for cricket enthusiasts worldwide. The objective is to earn maximum points based on the selected players’ performance during the actual cricket matches. So, to succeed in fantasy leagues, it is crucial to have a well-thought-out strategy for selecting players. Check it out below:

1. Knowledge of a scoring system

Having knowledge of the scoring system is crucial to winning fantasy cricket leagues. Remember, every fantasy league adapts different scoring systems, and points are awarded based on the performance of the chosen players in an actual match. Every run, wicket, catch, and run-out dismissal can earn points. Hence, selecting players who can contribute in different game situations is vital and help you make more fantasy points.

2. Choose players only after analyzing the match conditions

Match conditions like weather, pitch, and ground size are directly proportional to the player’s performance. It can significantly impact their execution. So, analyze the match conditions thoroughly and then select the players for your team.

3. Keep track of player availability

Injuries, missed opportunities, team selection, and player availability can significantly impact the performance of your fantasy IPL team. So, keep track of player availability, which helps select players keen to showcase their skills in the match. It will save you from losing unnecessary points.

4. Review your opponent’s teams choices

Reviewing your opponent teams choices is an effective IPL T20 fantasy league strategy. It is good to develop a plan for the opponent’s playing style, strengths, and weaknesses and identify players who can perform well with your team.

5. Take calculated risks

Do not hesitate to take calculated risks while selecting players for your dream11 team in a fantasy cricket league. If you feel some player has a high potential and a competitive edge over others, do what your intuition says. Avoid selecting players who are unlikely to perform in critical situations.


Selecting players in fantasy cricket leagues requires a well-thought-out strategy, but assessing their current form is crucial. So, create your design to increase the chances of winning the game and earning more points.

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