52% of gamers are women – but the industry doesn’t know it

A study published on Wednesday via the net advertising Bureau famous that fifty-two% of the gaming target audience is made of women. That’s proper – most of the people of humans playing video games are women. Does this wonder you? It shouldn’t. 3 years ago, that discern was forty-nine%, that’s rarely an insignificant minority. Girls have always performed video games, and in recent years, the mobile games industry’s growth has been especially pushed by way of a female customer base Pressography. Still, the stereotype that video games are a hobby for adolescent boys is a long-lasting one and one that is perpetuated via the aggressive advertising and marketing of many big-price range video games.

What can we think while we consider a videogame? Maximum probably a multimillion-greenback console name dripping with machismo and bristling with weaponry. Yet the reality is that the most famous gaming tool today is the smartphone, and the maximum famous genres are puzzles, trivialities, and word games. Less call of obligation and extra words With buddies. Now, many might respond to this shift within the market with the objection, “but the ones aren’t proper video games”.

Cellular games, loose-to-play video games, social games – all games which, surprisingly sufficient, attraction to women in droves – are considered one way or the other lesser by using many in the “traditional” gaming world study the dismissive responses to the wildly worthwhile sell sport Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – it’s hard to separate judgments of the sport itself from judgments of the form of character that performs it. It’s no mistake that the Telegraph evaluated the game within the “women’s existence” segment in preference to “Tech.”

The testimonies you want to read, in a single handy e mail study, greater whether you believe you studied it’s any desirable or not, the sport appeals to a huge variety of gamers. I will’t assist but feel that a part of its attraction lies in permitting gamers to be male or woman, gay or straight. In that sense, it’s more welcoming and modern than the full-size majority of games.


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Within the beyond few years, the very notion of what a recreation is has broadened to encompass an expansion of reviews that are handy to a much wider target market than the standard blockbuster console identify, and which could handiest be an excellent issue for an enterprise which has struggled to place itself in mainstream culture. Even as hardcore gamers and the enterprise at the big argument about whether those video games are “proper” or no longer, everybody else is gambling them. This begs a broader query: are more girls gambling mobile video games because girls are more interested in mobile video games? Or is it due to the fact they have been told, again and again, that “right” games aren’t for them? That, greater broadly, videogames aren’t for them?

Videogames with female protagonists are still in the minority, and even being capable of playing as a girl is often still considered a non-compulsory extra with the aid of builders and publishers. (And let’s now not even get into how games underserve human beings of color, LGBTQ people, and other minorities.) regardless of the truth that girls make up most gaming audiences, the range of girls running inside the games’ industry remains shockingly low – the simplest 12% of sport designers in Britain and three% of all programmers are girls. The range of girls speakme at industry conferences and press occasions is minuscule. And it isn’t due to the fact women don’t need to paintings in games.

While gaming is now undeniably part of the cultural mainstream, many of the games’ enterprise nevertheless doesn’t act like it. No longer most effective do video games fail to symbolize that 52% of players become aware of as girls; the fact is that ladies in video games – as characters and as creators – are nonetheless barely visible. However, we exist, and we’re making games and gambling them and speaking about them – and the wider games enterprise is slowly taking be aware. From a basic business standpoint, it makes sense for the video games’ enterprise to take the time to be extra consultants of its audience. developing games that appeal to a broader target market requires a huge variety of perspectives. I assume, and I desire, that for the games’ enterprise and folks who play games, the great is but to come back. Because the facts are in: games are for anybody.

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