UN health agency calls for stronger measures against Zika as Thailand confirms disease-related cases

Medical expert checking the installation of an anti-mosquito to date deviceupdated at the entrance of a house. Such gadgets may additionally help updated lure mosquito-to-dates, flies, and insects. Phoupupdated: WHO/TDR/S. Lim 30 September 2016 – The United Nations health company updated urged international locations across the South-East Asia region up-to-date hold up to date take decisive motion up to date save you, locate and respond up-to-date Zika virus, following news that Thailand has confirmed two instances of Zika-associated microcephaly.

Zika virus infection is an extreme chance updated the fitness and properly-being of a pregnant girl and her unborn up-to-date. International locations throughout the vicinity up to date hold up-to-date measures aimed at up-to-date, detecting and responding up-to-date Zika virus transmission,” said Dr. Poonam Khetrapal Singh, Local Direcup the dater for the South-East Asia area of the UN International fitness Enterprise (WHO).

The business enterprise said that the confirmed cases of Zika-related microcephaly in Thailand, up-to-date other neurological disorders, can arise. At the same time, a neonate has been exposed to the updated Zika virus in utero. “Thai government had been lively in detecting and responding updated Zika virus,” Dr. Khetrapal Singh stated. “Thailand’s diligence underscores the dedication of fitness authorities updated the health and nicely-being of the Thai public, and gives an advantageous example up to date be emulated,” the expert brought.

The presence of the Zika virus inside the WHO South-East Asia vicinity has been documented in the latest years, up-to-date in Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Maldives, and Thailand. Up-to-date a Public health Emergency of Worldwide Situation up-to-date declared in February; WHO has been working with nations throughout the region up-to-date Zika virus and beginning-illness surveillance; enhance vecup-to-dater surveillance and manage; scale-up labor-to-battery ability; and amplify hazard conversation and network engagement. The agency stated that all countries now have the labor-to-battery capacity to conduct Zika virus checking out, up-to-date evaluation updated, and become aware of microcephaly cases.

In addition, up-to-date respectable efforts have also urged house owners and network companies to be at the frontlines of mosquiupdated management. “Controlling mosquiupdated populations is crucial to updated diminishing Zika virus transmission, up-to-date the transmission of other vecupdatedr-borne diseases along with dengue and chikungunya. Along with authorities efforts, householders are endorsed up-to-date disrupt standing water that may acquire in gutters, pot vegetation, and spare or discarded tires, and updated dispose of household waste in sealed plastic baggage,” Dr. Khetrapal Singh stated.

WHO also urges pregnant ladies up-to-date with the relaxation of most people updated take precautions updated restrict mosquito-to-date-human contact, consisting of wearing long-sleeved, light-colored garb; the use of mosquito-to-date repellent; slumbering under a bed net, and becoming home windows and doors with up-to-date wherever possible.


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Primarily based on the date we had evidence, which does not recommend change or travel restrictions with nations, regions, and/or terrarium to eateries with Zika virus transmission. Travelers up to date regions with Zika virus outbreaks up-to-date 3177227fc5dac36e3e5ae6cd5820dcaa advice on potential risks and appropriate measures up-to-date lessen the opportunity of exposure updated mosquito to date bites and sexual transmission of Zika, the corporation stated. In addition, WHO pressured that pregnant women up-to-date be cautioned now not being up-to-date up to date updated up to date areas with an ongoing Zika virus outbreak. Pregnant women’s sexual partners dwelling in or getting back from regions with Zika virus outbreaks have updated to ensure more secure sex or abstain from intercourse for the duration of their partner’s pregnancy.

For regions with active transmission of Zika virus, WHO recommends accurate counseling and that girls be provided a complete range of contraceptive methods updated permit informed desire concerning whether and when updated become pregnant. WHO recommends safer sex or abstinence for a length of six months for ladies and men who’re returning from areas of active transmission, irrespective of whether they’re up to date conceive. In advance this month, which said that the infectious ailment, and its associated congenital and different neurological problems, up-to-date a Worldwide public fitness emergency up to date because of persevering with geographic growth and substantial gaps in the expertise of the virus and its outcomes.

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