Why do Czech guys need thus far Vietnamese women? What do Czechs hate about the Vietnamese? And what to anticipate at a Vietnamese wedding ceremony? This and many greater questions are the problem of a blog referred to as Asijatka, which gives sharp as well as light-hearted observations at the coexistence of the Czech and Vietnamese groups. Written by a younger Vietnamese Do Thu Trang, the weblog these days obtained an award for newshounds under 33 years of age, in addition to a nomination for the Magnesia Litera Award for First-class blog.

Do Thu Trang, photo: archive of Do Thu Trang I met with Do Thu Trang to talk approximately her blog and her experiences of developing up as a Vietnamese female within the Czech Republic, but we first spoke about her own family, which moved to the u. S. A. Within the early 1990s when she turned into simply 4 years old:

“It was the time whilst a variety of Vietnamese people moved to Czechoslovakia due to business. My dad used to paintings at the market, as maximum of the Vietnamese people did, and that’s why he earned some money in order that my mother and I ought to circulate in.”

But as far as I recognise, you clearly grew up with a Czech family…
“Yes, that’s proper. It became form of normal, due to the fact my dad and mom worked from 7 a.M. to ten p.M. and they didn’t have time for me and that they desired me to have a better schooling and to examine Czech and that’s why I grew up in a Czech circle of relatives Top Theto.

“I lived in the Czech circle of relatives for seven years and it turned into a completely high-quality time. I had a very quality Czech early life. Alternatively my parents didn’t anticipate me to forget about my Vietnamese roots that quick.”

however, you did…

Award-winning Vietnamese blogger says “never miss a chance to dance”
Award-winning Vietnamese blogger says “never miss a chance to dance”

“Yes, language-sensible, simply, because I discovered Czech quite fast due to the fact there have been no Vietnamese friends around and I didn’t see my dad and mom a lot, best at some point of weekends. Most of the time I used to talk Czech, so it changed into quite easy to overlook as a toddler. You forget the language quickly, if you don’t use it, proper?”


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And in recent times, do you experience extra Czech or greater Vietnamese?

“I do experience extra Czech however on the identical time I feel that I have strong Vietnamese roots way to my dad and mom. Even though they didn’t spend that a lot time with me when I was developing up, I feel like what they installed me whilst I used to be a baby is genuinely deep interior.”

What turned into the cause to start writing a weblog?

“Quite a few humans of my age started out the blogs to open up the Vietnamese community.”

“It was 2008 when I commenced penning this weblog and it changed into the time when a lot of Vietnamese, kids and people from my generations started out presenting the Vietnamese community.

“It became the time whilst Vietnamese minority did have some issues with Czech majority. Lot of Vietnamese human beings lost their jobs in 2008 because of the most economic crisis and there were certain tensions between the nationalities.

“A number of people of my age, Vietnamese humans, started the blogs to open the Vietnamese network, due to the fact the Vietnamese network few years back turned into honestly closed and there were a variety of myths approximately our community. And in 2008 I commenced my weblog to enroll in the communication as properly.

“Seeing that I was an infant I always liked writing in Czech and I love Czech and that i also like commenting approximately the conditions that take place to me or nonetheless are going on to me as a Vietnamese female developing up inside the Czech Republic. I just like the differences among our nationalities. That’s what become the main cause.”

Who’re your traditional followers? And do you get masses of comments out of your readers?

“I do, but most of them, about ninety percentage, are Czech. It is in the main tremendous feedback, I might say, which is extraordinary to pay attention, that humans are inquisitive about Vietnamese lifestyle, even though it’s just a small tiny piece of what Vietnamese lifestyle gives, right?

“But most of my fans are human beings in their Nineteen Twenties and Thirties Who’re typically interested by Vietnamese food, they’ve lots of Vietnamese pals or they tour to Vietnam or they just are interested who the human beings in večerkas (overdue night time shops) are.”

And what’s the reaction of the Vietnamese community? I believe in Vietnamese tradition you’ve got to show respect for your elders and right here you are, making fun of the Vietnamese…

“I don’t get that tons’ feedback from the older technology but once I speak to individuals who are my age they normally chortle at it as well. however, most of the posts are primarily based on what I listen. Vietnamese humans, the more youthful technology, might typically make a laugh of themselves so It is typically based totally on what I hear from them as well.

“And regarding my Czech pals they are exactly the people that make even more fun of Vietnamese human beings than I do, because It’s far what friends are for, they’re making a laugh of the lot that you do.

“I would recognize extra comments from Vietnamese people, due to the fact Even though the posts are devoted for the Czech human beings, I might also admire if the Vietnamese humans discussed approximately the variations extra.

“The main purpose of this blog is that human beings should no longer take themselves that severely. So that is what I’d appreciate, that Vietnamese humans would add something more to the communicate among our nationalities.”

You regularly mention your mother and father? Do they thoughts? And do they comply with your blog?

“My mother doesn’t communicate Czech that nicely and the weblog is written in Czech. My dad would read some posts on occasion and he doesn’t remark. He is aware of that I understand that he reads. He’s the form of someone that sits somewhere in a nook and watches what’s occurring.

“However he gained’t ever remark. He usually says: Does someone read this? Or: Are human beings inquisitive about a weblog like this one? And this is the instant that I know that he reads it however he won’t ever support me.”

however, at the equal time your dad and mom in no way discouraged you from keeping the blog?

“No, Despite the fact that my mom is now and then involved that I’m too open. She doesn’t want me to jot down about the whole thing that’s occurring round me or round our family, which is kind of valid.”

The motto of your weblog is: in no way omit a threat to bop? Does that summarize your approach to life?

“Yes, that’s precisely what my life is set because lacking a chance manner which you aren’t having fun on your existence and additionally quite a few humans want to get drunk to begin dancing, which I think isn’t always healthful. Dancing means that you aren’t taking yourself that severely. So having a laugh and not taking myself that seriously is precisely what I am aiming at in my existence.”