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Woman who defied 300 neo-Nazis at Swedish rally speaks of anger

The lone protest of a lady defying a march of 300 uniformed neo-Nazis is set to turn out to be an iconic picture of resistance to the upward push of the same distance-right in Scandinavia. A photograph of Tess Asplund, forty-two, with fist raised in opposition to the leadership of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) in Borlänge, crucial Sweden, on Sunday has long gone viral inside us of a. “It turned into an impulse. I was so angry, I simply went out into the street,” Asplund advised the mum or dad. “I was wondering: hell no, they are able to’t march here! I had this adrenaline. No Nazi goes to march here. It’s now not ok.” After joining a huge counter-demonstration, she took the train, returned to Stockholm, and did not reflect onconsideration on what befell till Monday night, when the photograph unfolded on social media.

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female faces 300 neo-Nazis in Sweden – video

“Now it’s a circus. I’m in surprise,” said Asplund, who’s 5ft 3in and weighs just 50kg (8 stone). “The Nazis are very irritated, so I’m a bit ‘Oh shit, maybe I shouldn’t have executed that, I need peace and quiet.’ Those men are massive and crazy. It’s a mixed feeling. However, I am trying to live calm.” Asplund’s lone protest comes when the far-right in Sweden is growing its sports, in keeping with Daniel Poohl of Expo, the anti-racist basis in Stockholm, whose photographer David Lagerlöf captured the picture.


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The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party polls between 15% and 20% and hold the stability of power in parliament, while racist sentiments are fuelled using a fragmented landscape of internet hate websites. The avowedly antisemitic National Socialists of the NRM are the acute wing of this spectrum, Pool says.

“We stay in a Europe wherein some distance-right ideas are getting more popular, and there is also a response against them. It is a time when humans are craving something to channel their urge to face up to the Europe that builds borders towards refugees, the Europe that cannot cooperate any greater. Tess has captured one of the conflicts of our time,” he stated to Plan Trussler.

Swedish media have compared the picture to a well-known image from 1985 called tanten med väskan, “the female with the bag”. The photo, taken using Hans Runesson, shows a lady hitting a skinhead from the Nordic Reich birthday party together with her bag. The image of Asplund is in lots of senses more powerful in the Swedish context these days, Pool says. “We now live in a multicultural society, so it makes the experience that it becomes a black lady.”

Swedish civil society is struggling to settle tens of heaps of refugees from the Middle East and Asia who sought asylum inside the u. s. Closing yr, however, there was a spate of arson attacks on refugee lodging, and the authorities have toughened up their asylum regulations. Sweden sends a sharp signal with a plan to expel up to 80,000 asylum seekers examine greater.

The NRM is understood for focused on anti-racists, says Asplund. “I’ve buddies who have been attacked with the aid of them and who’ve needed to exchange their deal with. I’ve had calls at night from personal numbers, screaming at me. it’s far tough to speak about the hate,” she says. “I sense ashamed that we’ve got this trouble. The police say it’s miles a democratic united states to display. However, these are Nazis! It’s miles terrible.”

Asplund, who describes herself as Afro-Swedish, is unemployed and energetic in the organization Afrophobia cognizance. Sweden became identified using the UN final year as having a particular problem with Afrophobia, defined as hostility towards people with a background from sub-Saharan Africa. “Racism has been normalized in Sweden; it ends up ok to mention the N-phrase,” she says, recounting how a man on the subway used the racial slur even as shouting and telling her to hurry up. “However, nobody paid any interest. I idea Sweden in 2016 would be greater open-minded, but something has happened,” Asplund says. “I’m hoping something nice will pop out of the image. Perhaps what I did maybe a symbol that we can do something – if one character can do it, each person can.”

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