Windows 10 KB4505903 Update Breaks Bluetooth Speakers Connectivity

Microsoft says that Bluetooth audio system will prevent connecting to gadgets strolling Windows 10, model 1903, after putting in the KB4505903 cumulative update released on July 26, 2019. Besides the Bluetooth audio system not operating properly, customers may also notice a Microsoft Bluetooth A2dp Source entry below the Sound, video, and sport controllers node showing a yellow exclamation mark icon in Device Manager. This guideline on the device being impacted by issues related to either missing drivers or the motive force is now not being mounted effectively.

After KB4505903 is installed on a Windows pc with an inner speaker mounted, customers will experience one of the following problems, says Microsoft’s guide article: Workaround for Bluetooth speaker connectivity problem. Microsoft additionally gives a workaround for fixing this problem which entails the use of the System File Checker (SFC.Exe) tool to restore corrupted or lacking machine documents. To do that, users with affected systems have to observe those steps: More info on how to use the System File Checker application to restore gadget troubles is available here.

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Previous Windows 10 v1903 Bluetooth issues

This is not the primary time Microsoft clients using devices updated to Windows 10 version 1903 have skilled different problems with Bluetooth. In June, customers started experiencing Bluetooth pairing and connectivity issues after applying recently launched cumulative, safety, or monthly rollup updates due to Redmond blocking off a few Bluetooth devices because of protection risks. “These safety updates cope with a security vulnerability by way of deliberately stopping connections from Windows to unsecure Bluetooth gadgets,” said Microsoft on time.

“Any device the use of famous keys to encrypt connections may be affected, together with positive protection fobs.” One month earlier, in May, Microsoft said that computers with Realtek or Qualcomm Bluetooth radios encountered problems discovering and connecting to Bluetooth devices after installing the Windows 10 May 2019 Update due to outdated drivers. This difficulty also brought Microsoft to feature a compatibility block introduced to forestall customers from updating affected systems to prevent them from experiencing downgraded performance or usability problems.

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