Why One State Wants to Shut Down This New Beauty Service App

At-domestic beauty and well-being apps, which allow humans to get everything from blowouts to massages proper in their living room, are all the rage in towns across the nation. But one, Belle, based totally in Nashville, Tenn., has apparently threatened some neighborhood salons and spas that the country cosmetology board aims to overwhelm it. “In place of welcoming innovation, the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners has threatened to first-rate and shut down the nascent startup,” writes Nick Sibilla, a contributor to Forbes and a spokesperson for the Institute for Justice.

Based in Arlington, Va., the agency fights cases on behalf of individuals concerning employment, education, and belongings rights. “Most effective one single criticism prompted the risk. In February, a brick-and-mortar nail salon owner wrote to country regulators approximately Belle: She found ‘this sort of opposition incredibly demanding.’ That tip was ultimately forwarded to the Board, which protected that solitary grievance in its call for letter in opposition to Belle.”

Belle, founded through Armand Lauzon, gives at-home offerings, including hair, nails, makeup, spray tans, massage, non-public education, tailoring, and chiropractic classes. It follows in the footsteps of different on-demand apps, such as Glamsquad, Blown away, StyleBee, and Uber beauty, all part of the quick-developing trend that appeals to several customers, together with burdened-out professionals, mobility-challenged seniors, and stay-at-domestic moms.

“Having anyone come to you is the manner celebrities do it,” Glamsquad cofounder Victoria Eisner advised the Wall Avenue Magazine. “Why can’t the average female have that as nicely?” They gained’t be capable of in Nashville if the kingdom board has its manner. “At this factor, a consent order (which is a casual settlement agreement) has been presented to Assignment Belle, and their lawyer has responded with a letter,” a spokesperson for the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners tells Yahoo splendor.

“No action has been initiated regarding this rely. Challenge Belle is slated to be mentioned with the Board on Oct. 3, once they convene in Nashville.” In keeping with documents shared with Yahoo beauty by using the board, the board alleged that Belle turned into violating the kingdom’s cosmetology legal guidelines, imparting the enterprise a deal to stop and desist or face worse punishment.


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Meanwhile, Lauzon’s attorney Daniel Horwitz is fighting the board’s claims against Belle — together with that, the company was an unlicensed cosmetology salon. As Horwitz told the Institute for Justice, “regulating Venture Belle under the Tennessee Cosmetology Act because it uses the Internet to connect cosmetologists with consumers might be similar to regulating the Phone book beneath the Tennessee Fitness Care Legal responsibility Act because the phone book includes listings for medical professionals.” Going small batch also lets beauty agencies apply elements now not typically discovered in jars with a shelf life, points out NYC dermatologist Dennis Gross.
His new Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Masks incorporates a hyaluronic gel infused with algin, an extract harvested within the Norwegian Sea that’s rich in guluronic acid. Whilst combined with an activating powder, it forms moisturizing Masks. “You couldn’t create a product that gives you this stage of effects if it became premixed,” he says. For Odacité founder Valérie Granbury, combining elements instant yields tailor-made advantages. Her Synergie [4]: Immediate Skin-Perfecting beauty dry Mask is activated with water and maybe spiked with pantry items—apple cider to resolve breakouts or milk to calm redness. “It’s similar to meals,” she says. “Making your very own food from scratch takes more time. But you control the elements and the Health issue.”

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