BY JUSTIN RUBIO Sennheiser is a call that desires no advent in the international of audio. Still, PC gamers may not be aware of its top-rate gaming headsets for those who’ve excessive audio requirements and a deep wallet. According to Sennheiser, the PC 373D headphones (See it on Amazon) are “Hands down Sennheiser’s satisfactory headset for PC gaming.” They better be at a $250 MSRP, as it is approximate $a hundred extra than similar excessive-end headsets from Razer, Logitech, et al.

The PC 373D goals to deliver the whole package deal with notable audio exceptional, a noise-canceling microphone, and a strong and comfortable construct. This headset features the exact identical design because of the similarly priced Game One headset. Still, it outdoes the offering, providing Dolby 7.1 surround sound and available software program control. Sennheiser’s method to the PC 373D’s design is quite straightforward, as they may be comprised often of matte black plastic along with black velvet cushions and a few purple accents at the microphone, making them particularly understated in a marketplace this is populated with products presenting angular designs, flashing lights, and shiny hues. The headset’s subtle design lets it seem like it’s in its natural habitat whether or not it is after a gaming PC, in a tracking studio, or at a computer.

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Top Gaming Headsets –

A Look At five Top Gaming Headsets For Superior Enhanced Gaming Audio. Far too regularly, gamers are gambling on beautiful, High-Def Plasma TVs; yet they’re using a crummy $18 headset and TV speakers for sound! Sounds crazy, huh?!? Well, here we will take a look at five of the pinnacle gaming headsets available nowadays and assist you to study whether or not they’re proper to your desires to improve to more suitable gaming audio. You could be amazed at the distinction of the gaming experience with the better sound, as it is more enjoyable and normally will increase your kill ratio.
Also, a maximum of these headphones is like-minded with plasma TVs. The first 2 choices are a “newcomer” to the enterprise, Sharkoon. These 2 headsets are already getting superb opinions among gamers, so we can introduce them here. Sharkoon X-Tatic True 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Gaming Headset-This pinnacle gaming headset capabilities 4 speaker’s in line with an earpiece and extent controls constructed into the headset cable for clean finding. Users record the headset is extremely cozy at some stage in prolonged periods of recreation play. The common sound may be very high quality, and the quantity can be adjusted, in my opinion, for each earpiece.
Another excellent characteristic is the quantity adjustment is simpler to locate as it lighting up and has distinct colorings for each quantity degree! The downsides are several wires and a relatively hefty charge tag (although ordinary for a real Dolby headset). Supports: PC, container 360, PS3. Sharkoon X-Tatic SP Gaming Headset-Quality gaming sound at a less expensive charge! Merely plugging this headset into the USB jacks of your console or PC makes you prepared to revel in your “all-night time” gaming periods of Call of Duty: Black Ops! Features an in-line amplifier and separate extent controls for voice communique. The charge is about half of that of the five.1 headset, yet still maintains its excellent features. Another interesting gain of the Sharkoon logo is that they may properly be the high-quality searching headset in the marketplace additionally! Supports: Xbox 360, PS3, PC.

Ear Force X31 Digital RF Wireless Game Audio+Xbox Live Chat-An amazing headset with a top-notch sound satisfactory and a crystal clean, 2. 4GHz digital RF wi-fi connection. This is a top gaming headset that any gamer would like to own, whether gambling online or looking at a movie on Netflix; this unit truly offers. Extremely comfortable cushioned ear cups, genuinely wireless, impartial chat and recreation extent controls, and advanced “battery booster” circuitry squeezes each final drop of strength from the batteries before they die. And the charge is actually reasonably priced for any such top-notch headset! The simplest troubles with this headset are the mute switch difficult to discover, and once the batteries go out, they may be TOTALLY lifeless, generally in the center of recreation. Supports: Xbox 360.

Turtle Beach TBS-2052 Ear Force Z2 Professional Grade PC Headset-Adjustable padded headset with 50mm professional grade stereo audio system. This pinnacle gaming headset is specifically designed for PC gaming to offer you a competitive gain because of directional speaker positioning and intense consolation. Its compact layout makes it excellent for gamers “at the pass”, and it has sound-absorbing cushions to help block out distracting noises inclusive of fanatics or close by human beings. It is an outstanding headset for a totally less expensive fee. Works with PC, Mac, Xbox 360/live, MP3 gamers, and looking movies online or even Skype.

Ear Force PX 21 Gaming Headset for PS3-Excellent game sound with terrific clear chat communique whether or not you’re on a line with the Xbox360, PC, or Playstation3 network. A long-lasting layout with huge, comfortable ear cups offers superior gaming enjoyment for enjoying the “all-night” gaming periods of Black Ops or Bad Company:2. Features rotating ear cups, independent game and chat volumes, bass enhances, and all with a simple USB connection. This is likewise one of the extra lower-priced pinnacle gaming headsets on the market for the PS3 proper now.

How To Choose The Best PC Gaming Headset

A right PC gaming headset is almost a must if you want to have a first-class gaming experience. Most games these days are embedded with high-definition audio results. To surely experience the sport and be in the game, a good gaming headset is vital.

So what constitutes an awesome PC gaming headset?


A right computer gaming headset has to be capable of offer comfort to the user, and this is important because you may be wearing it for a long time frame. There is the most effective way to check whether a headset is relaxed or not, and this is to strive it out before you make your buy.

Most of the time, the comfort component is dependent on the:

Padding – Is it thick and tender enough to protect your ear?
Ear cups – Is it big enough to contain your ear?
Headband – Is it freely adjustable to fit the scale of your head?
Weight – Is it too heavy in your ear to carry?
Put it on for 15 mins, and you may recognize whether it’s miles appropriate for you or now not.

Sound Quality

A desirable PC gaming headset ought to have the potential to provide excellent sound satisfactorily. While exceptional human beings understand sound in a different way, you could use these few tenets to differentiate a headset with excellent sound satisfactory from an awful one.


A gaming headset with an effective bass will display tremendous variations in the first individual capturing recreation along with Counterstrike. You could be capable of listening actually the bullets flying around you and a distinct explosion in the heritage.

Surround Sound

Surround sound effect is important to create the realism to your gameplay. Those PC gaming headsets with five.1 digital audio encoded might be beneficial to help you discover the enemy that is sneaking at the back of you or capturing at you

Noise Cancellation

Some gaming headsets use an external microphone to choose external noise and invert them to cancel any unwanted noise. This is extremely beneficial if you are constantly gambling in a noisy environment, including an Internet cafe.

Cable Length

The cable period will decide how ways away you could stay behind the display. An ordinary gaming headset ought to have a cable length of 2m, and anything shorter than this duration will limit your motion and reason inconvenience to you. If you’re gambling game console, together with Xbox or PS3, for your living room, you would possibly don’t forget to get a headset with a longer cable or an extra extensible cable to hook up with your headset.

Wireless Headset

If you constantly move around and no longer desire to be using the cable, you can pick out the wireless gaming headset that uses Bluetooth or RF technology. A phrase of caution, wireless headsets are probably extra susceptible to noise interference and/or lack of signal throughout the transmission, which could lead to static, pops, or disturbing noise.


Some PC gaming headsets are geared with a microphone to permit interplay at some stage in gameplay. This might be a useful feature that you want to consist of on your gaming headset.

Volume Control

This might also appear a trivial function, but it relies on lots when you are some distance away from your sound gadget. It would be beneficial for a gaming headset with surround sound characteristics to have an inline quantity manipulate to control the person speaker ranges. You can customize the quantity placing for each speaker to enhance your gaming revel.


Force remarks gaming headsets make use of vibration to try and recreate the physical sensation of bass frequencies. The headset can vibrate in sympathy with the low frequencies within the audio signal so that listeners both listen and feel the bass. These ought to sum up a maximum of the features discovered in a good PC gaming headset. In conclusion, deciding on a terrific PC gaming headset may be a very personal element. A headset might be healthy with ease on others, however not on you. You will strive out the headset earlier than deciding whether or not it is suitable for you.

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