Where the S7 makes you hit a begin button to hearth up the engine, the Model S 90D exhibits its destiny-ahead style via readying itself to move as quickly as you enter the automobile. And lacking a transmission tunnel, the Version S cabin feels light and ethereal, presenting elbow room and minimum barrier among the driver and passengers. The S7 might also have top class cabin appointments, however its seats feel a bit more cramped, cocooning you among its controls and trim.

And Where the S7 comes with a dial, buttons, and touchpad to manipulate content on its retractable Liquid crystal display, the Model S simplifies manipulate of its infotainment device with one huge touchscreen. The S7 infotainment interface takes a touch mastering however offers many handy linked functions, even displaying Google Earth–derived maps for navigation and integrating Google for vacation spot searches. The Version S also is predicated closely on Google for navigation, and its larger display screen allows for easier-to-locate menus.

Both motors power very effortlessly on public roads, although Where the S7 indicates the power dips of an inner combustion engine, the Model S electric cars make for persistent, direct strength transport. Each car’s air suspension makes for a clean journey, but the S7’s decrease-profile tires can be a bit harsh over bumps. Guidance-wheel heft proves similar between Each vehicle, gently tuned to make for brief, low-effort turning.

The throttle sense between fuel and electric is decidedly unique, but for normal driving, slogging via traffic or preventing for pink lighting, the S7 and Version S behave in addition, permitting smooth modulation of accelerator and brake.3

For pure efficiency, the Version S blows away the S7, boasting an EPA-rated a hundred mpg equal in comparison to 21 mpg for mixed metropolis-and-toll road mileage. Even as that performance is quality to boast about, the S7 can be refueled in minutes Where it takes hours on a 240-volt Stage 2 charging station to carry the Version S batteries to full. Tesla mitigates that a chunk with its Level 3 Supercharger stations, including 170 miles of variety in only half an hour.

At 288 miles, the Version S 90D’s range is the first-rate of the cutting-edge Tesla lineup, and sincerely sufficient for maximum daily using. It’s also notably cheaper to run the Version S over the S7, with the EPA estimating annual gas charges of round $650 for the Tesla, and round $1,750 for the Audi.

The Model S had one greater trick up its sleeve: AutoPilot. This tremendously new driver-help characteristic combines adaptive cruise manipulate and lane-retaining assistance to make for close to-effortless riding on highways and in prevent-and-cross traffic. The system continues the Version S nicely centered in its lane Whilst keeping a secure following distance from site visitors beforehand. The S7 additionally can be geared up with comparable driver-assistance functions, however they’re no longer nearly as state-of-the-art.

While these automobiles come very close, we give the Tesla Version S 90D the nod for normal livability.

Tune coping with

Although the S7 and Version S 90D are really street automobiles, we took them to Thunderhill Raceway Park in California to see how they matched up in performance driving. The S7 brings Audi Quattro all-wheel force accentuated via a non-obligatory Recreation Differential, this latter element vectoring torque throughout the rear wheels. That outcomes in sharper managing, because the outside wheel in a turn receives more energy, helping to push the lower back give up of the auto round. The S7’s automatic guide makes for lightning-fast shifts, so that you can without a doubt dig into its 450 hp within the turns, the usage of the engine to decorate dealing with.

The Model S 90D is missing one aspect for the Song: a “P.” within the Tesla lexicon, P stands for overall performance, and the enterprise tunes its P90D for Sport riding. The 90D, left with preferred avenue tuning, doesn’t convey a lot to the Music. Its air suspension adapts for faster driving, and its dual motor setup approach all wheels are grabbing pavement.

The S7 confirmed its knowledge round Thunderhill’s tight, technical turns, letting our drivers carry pace into the corners, factor the wheel, and rotate smartly at the apexes. In Dynamic mode for Each the suspension and the Steerage and traction manipulate, it proved nimble, unexpected for this type of big car. Minor frame roll confirmed it wasn’t as committed a sports activities driving force as some vehicles you can purchase, however few owners will position it through these paces.


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Pretty, the Model S 90D nearly saved pace with the S7. It exhibited very steady behavior when our drivers took it via the turns, doing a good job of retaining grip and keeping a line. There aren’t any Sport settings to set off, so the 90D had to discern out what the drivers desired. Contributing considerably to its managing turned into the battery %, the weighty factor’s function nestled inside the chassis among the front and rear wheels growing a completely low center of gravity.

Ultimately, the S7 proved the winner of our coping with take a look at, despite the fact that the 90D gave it a superb run.