On the subject of splendor, no archetype captures the creativeness pretty just like the insouciant French lady. However, who do French girls themselves turn to for suggestion? For perception, we became to one who embodies the u. S.’s trademark je ne sais quoi: Lolita Jacobs—local Parisian, former version, longtime pal and muse of Courrèges co–creative directors Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, and fashion director of the small But iconic line.

Together with her tousled ombré lengths and nearly naked complexion, Jacobs, unsurprisingly, looks up to ladies with low-key workouts and intrinsically cool attitudes. “The less makeup, the most inspirational for me,” she says. “Clear and wholesome pores and skin, little dark touch on the eyes to bring person, However very little, just enough to be mysterious and playful.” All-natural info—from freckles to front-teeth gaps, regarded to Parisians as les dents du bonheur—don’t harm both Try Updates.

Right here, five muses who’ve helped shape Jacobs’s very own beauty aesthetic.

Calling all piercing enthusiasts! Rihanna just upped the ante at the punctuation sport. The brand new Fenty x Puma collection became offered in Paris this nighttime, placing a Marie Antoinette–inspired spin on streetwear, tennis-ready silhouettes, and slip attire replete with pleats, ribbons, and pearls-made-modern—and worn at lip level.

The majority of ensembles were completed with a pearl-decorated metal hoop positioned on the middle of the bottom lip, raising shimmering purple mouths with a blend of conventional and current that felt subversive and impossibly cool. RiRi confirmed off her personal dazzling set of piercings for her victory stroll down the runway, But it’s her models’ Ri-imagined actual estate this is sure to have onlookers reserving appointments ASAP. Forget the septum, the rooks, and those commitment-free ear crawlers: Lip piercings are The new It accents.

Solange Knowles is one of the finest beauty chameleons in song. From glossy bobs to box braids to tightly curled afros to buzz cuts, Knowles has fearlessly switched up her hairstyles with whiplash pace over the path of her career. And remaining night time’s breaking information—Knowles unveiled the cover artwork and tracklist of her drawing close album, A Seat at the Table—provided yet another possibility for her to roll out a new hair and make-up persona. The challenge is one that Knowles has been teasing due to the fact that ultimate week, when she published a stop-us-in-out-scroll Instagram of herself in an intricately beaded coiffure dripping in cowrie shells, wooden beads, and multi-coloured adornments. And like a lot of Knowles’s most iconic appears—the flower-studded Afro from her wedding day and the dramatic ponytail from the 2015 Met Gala come to thoughts—it arose from an iconic suggestion and the assist of her hairstylist of 10-plus years, Nikki Nelms.


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Nelms—who first of all were given her start styling hair for tune motion pictures for Kanye West and Timbaland in Florida—bonded without delay with Knowles over their shared geographical roots. “We’re both Southern ladies,” shares Nelms. “So we’ll reminisce on matters that we used to do to our hair returned within the day.” In anticipation of Friday’s album release, Nelms spoke to Trend. Com about Knowles’s new appearance and what it’s want to paintings with one of the maximum flexible hair stars in the track game.

When did you first to start working with Solange?
Humorous story. We met thru a mutual friend that I was styling on the time. They were all imagined going out, However Solange had a case of the pinkeye. Who wants to go out with the pinkeye? I instructed her that I could fix her up and she or he stated, “Good enough, thanks. I think I’m exact.” However, her pal insisted, announcing “No, she’s truly exact.” So she permits me to her hair. I fixed it by way of reducing slanted bangs and protecting the eye. Now, we constantly snort about the entirety. We’ve labored collectively on most of her fundamental milestones due to the fact that then.

How fingers-on is Solange with the method of getting her hair finished?
We leap thoughts off of every different and she’s usually certainly receptive. Our inspirations don’t necessarily must come from the typical places. I’ll send her old family pix and say, “look how my mom used to put on her hair.” Additionally, she’s my friend, so it’s as easy as sending a textual content at o’clock within the morning.

How fingers-on is Solange with the method of having her hair completed?
We soar thoughts off of every different and he or she’s usually in reality receptive. Our inspirations don’t always have to come from the everyday locations. I’ll send her antique family
What changed into the muse in the back of the beaded hair we noticed on Instagram?
[Jazz pianist and R&B singer] Patrice Rushen. Patrice’s hair turned into constantly on factor.

How difficult turned into it to nail the appearance?
It turned into approximately placement and hues. I desired it to have a drift But no longer appearance too ideal. To others, it’d looks like as easy as just grabbing a bead and setting it on. However, while you need the colors to drift a sure type of way, it’ll take time. Let’s simply say that I’m absolutely thankful for the complete team on that shoot. I positioned everybody to work. I had the photographer and the make-up group sorting via beads. I had Solange passing me the rubber bands.

How did you discover all the beads and shells?
I’m a thrifter, so I used beads from antique necklaces and bracelets. Michaels, the humanities and crafts save, changed into my pal. Of direction, I went to the local ‘hood beauty supply save, too. Between all of these locations, we completely made it paintings.

What’s your preferred soundtrack for working with Solange?
We’re each from the South, so we have comparable music interests from back within the day. There has been a time while I used to be within the mood to hear “Laundromat” through Nivea, and I couldn’t forestall singing it for some loopy purpose, so we played that together. I went through a crazy breakup and that’s whilst we had a whole church second to one in all Mariah Carey’s albums in London. We’ll concentrate to music that’ll be a terrific soundtrack for what the mood and the instant are giving us. And we love some excellent antique Future’s Toddler, too!

How huge is hair to the narrative of this upcoming album?
I sense like hair plays a massive element in who we’re as black women. It’s been one of the approaches that we’ve been able to express ourselves. So it’s a for the reason that it’ll be part of the album. For maximum artists when they placed out a brand new album, it’s the hair and styling that in reality marks that period for them visually. Years from now, while you see that image of her with the beads, you’re going to don’t forget your favorite music in this album.