Mobile app for ambulance services in district

The Kozhikode District Administration in affiliation with the Active Network Group of Emergency Life Savers (Angels) has given you a mobile phone utility that would help ambulances attain locations on time. All ambulances inside the district and trained volunteers are connected through the application.

Mobile App


The app makes it less difficult for commoners to are trying to find the assist of ambulance operators and volunteers at some stage in emergency situations, the usage of the Global Positioning System. It also gives signals to close by hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and blood banks. It has a link that could be contacted for matters related to ladies’ safety. Besides to be had rescue operators, expert swimmers, snake catchers, and blood donors might be related to the utility in future.

District Collector U.V. Jose has asked all ambulance operators in the district to sign up with the utility, which will be downloaded from the Google Play Store. A meeting of ambulance owners might be convened quickly. Government medical doctors and nurses in the district will attend a 3-day schooling camp on emergency medicine. Angels and the National Health Mission will educate caregivers at the taluk stage.


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