How to Select the Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Blog

Selecting a WordPress topic is one of these obligations that appear fairly easy at first How upupdated can or not it’s? You ask yourself. You surely up-to-date Google, type in “first-rate free WordPress themes” and you’re trueupdated up-to-date, proper?

I’m positive you know in which I’m going with this. So let’s just say it out loud so up-to-date placed it behind us: neglect about loose topics! They’re evil! That is something I’ve been announcing for a little greater than a year now. And howdy, don’t blame me, it’s just the manner it is.

Lengthy up-to-date brief, nearly all free WordPress topics consist of some type of abnormal code of their structures, normally inside the footer section. The code is encrypted, and, often, the theme sup-to-dateps running in case you up-to-date eliminate it. additionally, you don’t have a clue about what’s definitely in that code till you decrypt it. just up-to-date make things clean, as a developer, clothier, or simply a website up-to-date, you in no way want up to date have any unknown code up to date yourupdated web page  Attendant Design.

What other solutions are there if unfastened themes are out of the sport, then? Three essential ones:

You may have the subject advanced through a person on a contract settlement.
You can increase the subject matter yourself on up to date of a famous topic framework (and create the layout as properly).
You may purchase an upupdated theme.
Of course, at ThemeFuse (the theme up to datere I’m a part of), we strongly encourage you up to date take advantage of the remaining option up to date, nicely, that’s our enterprise.

But I’m now not speakme as a businessman now. I’m speakme as a WordPress developer. So let me take you thru the maximum essential up-to-date of the selection-making method, so you can choose the appropriate WordPress subject on your website or weblog.

What do you want the topic for?

That is the primary and the maximum vital query you could ask yourself.

Each website has its own cause. And this purpose will significantly have an effect on the type of topic you up-to-date be up-to-date.

WordPress up to dateupdated originally designed up-to-date paintings with conventional textual content blogs, but through the years this reason has advanced inup to date something a great deal broader. Nowadays, WordPress can efficiently run nearly any form of website.


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A few feasible applications consist of:

Video blogs:
that is a new breed in the running a blog global. Every day there are increasingly bloggers who gift their content material solely thru video.
phoupupdated blogs (or graphical portfolios):
those blogs are popular amongst phoup to dategraphers and architects who need up-to-date exhibit their paintings.
On line magazines:
these web sites are created across the idea of publishing news from a given area, frequently up to dategether with a descriptive picture up-to-date accompany text content.
Enterprise websites:
these sites are owned by all forms of experts and agreement people, from dentists and tailors, updated specialists and teachers … and more!
Conventional blogs:
those are run by people who need up to date percentage their personal articles. Ordinarily, traditional blogs are text most effective content material. In different words, those are blogs like we understand them.
Corporate sites:
huge organizations have a slightly extraordinary idea of what an awesome website includes, and that’s why the company fashion has sprouted up.
software/app/product web sites:
some companies are constructed around a given product or a bit of software program. The web sites of such businesses generally tend up to date awareness at the product, up-to-date at the enterprise itself.
Small updated medium-sized enterprise websites:
Such companies often discover it difficult up to date select a website layout. The corporate fashion is just too huge, and a product site just doesn’t appear up to date suit many service-based upupdated businesses.
Real-international, nearby commercial enterprise sites:
this is a kind of website that’s targeted up to dateupupdated all sorts of physical organizations, like motels, restaurants, galleries, buying up to date, and every different brick-and-mortar enterprise imaginable.
There are probably tens of other sorts of websites that WordPress can cope with, however let’s just supupdated right here as I’m positive you get the idea.

Whatever you desire your web page will come up updated be, up to date start with its cause. That purpose will propose specific dreams up-to-date website online, and its layout up-to-date mirror those goals. Best when you’ve decided what’s vital up-to-date destiny website online and what isn’t, are you able to start up to date a subject matter.

The most crucial capabilities of a WordPress theme

There are up-to-date of capabilities an up to datecusupupdated WordPress topic can provide you with, but let’s simply consciousness at the most essential stuff—the things you’ll truly use on an each day foundation (or throughout the initial setup).

Fee and license

This might be the most essential aspect updated consider whilst you’re choosing a topic. Up-to-date each quickly-up to date-be website proprieupupdated, you’ll have a selected price range set apart for this, and you’ll inform yourself you won’t get something up-to-dateo luxurious no matter how brilliant it is. that is a perfectly affordable technique.

Therefore, there are some crucial matters up to date be up-to-date right here. For example, ask:

Does the license you’re about up-to-date get will let youupdated use the subject matter on more than one website online?
Do you get unfastened assist?
Do you get the PSD documents?
Do you get the supply files?
Do you get any extra bonuses?
If you’re a WordPress developer and you plan on the use of a given subject for a couple of consumer, you ought upupdated up to date getting a more than one site license, or perhaps even a whole subject matter package deal (containing all issues a given topic saveupdated has up-to-date offer). Of root, the more you want, the extra up to dateupdated spend, however such an investment may repay soon.

In case, you’re simplest seeking out a theme in your own website, then getting the most fundamental license will in all likelihood be the up to date preference for you.

A seo pleasant structure

Irrespective of what different internet site up-to-date are saying, search engine optimization nevertheless is, and will continue upupdated, a completely vital detail for the whole “getting popular at the internet” component.

A search engine optimization pleasant theme is an honestly treasured asset. If you’re making plans on doing any type of seo paintings round your website online, then this kind of topic is critical. And even if you don’t have time for seo, a search engine optimization friendly theme can do an especially massive a part of the work for you anyway.

trueupdated search engine optimization continually starts offevolved with getting the primary characteristics of your website just proper. The simplest then you can address hyperlink-constructing and different off-web page seo tasks.

Up-to-date find out whether a subject matter is search engine optimization pleasant or know not? Regrettably, you may’t know for certain until you start operating with a given theme. However, there are nevertheless some matters up-to-date look for whilst you’re playing with a subject matter’s stay demo, or reading the screenshots of a subject matter.

Is there the capacity up-to-date set the titles and outlines for each put up and page for my part (up to dategether with the homepage)?
Does the topic use headings?
Are the types and tags seen?
Is the format easy and simple?
Does the subject help most important seo plugins?
Some of these up-to-date may be seen when you’re searching at a subject, whilst others are honestly listed in the promotional materials of the topic. Ensure up to date up-to-date those concerns, although. The extra search engine optimization capabilities a theme has, the better.

Compatibility with every browser

That is a veryupdated crucial feature up-to-date look for whilst you’re selecting a topic. Your up-to-date will usually use a variety of browsers and gadgets up-to-date up to dateupdated your website. You, because the internet site up-to-date or the developer want updated make certain that the website seems the equal in every environment. That is hard updated do in case your subject doesn’t provide that functionality from the get-pass.

There are more than one method updated find out whether the theme you’re inquisitive about has cross-browser and up to date compatibility constructed in. The time-eating way is up to date checkupdated the live demo on specific browsers your self. The smooth way is up to date look for the statistics within the subject’s promotional substances.

Cusup-to-datemizable layout

Your new topic shouldn’t force you up-to-date up to date the default format. It’s usually up to dateughupdated up-to-date find a theme that fits your requirements precisely. Severe subject matter builders understand this, so they provide you with the possibility up-to-date exchange the format a chunk.

Adjustments like switching updated a sidebar format, or shifting sidebars from left up to date proper up to date be up-to-date interior an awesome subject.

Also, the sidebars shouldupdated be dynamic, so you don’t up-to-date accept a given format for the complete website. You up-to-date be up-to-date pick up to date layouts for individual pages of your weblog.

Specific shade schemes up-to-date

Sticking up to date the upupdated of cusup to datemization, let’s have a phrase about colour schemes.

Every website wishes a logo identification or a few different facupupdated of differentiation. Possibilities are that you have already got a brand made, and that you need up-to-date it upupdated new theme. The brand itself represents most of your visual identification, so the subject matter have upupdated follow the same direction and be in tune with the brand.

There’s no simpler way of preserving everything in music than via actually changing the shade scheme of your topic. Good issues have multiple predefined coloration schemes built in, up to date a number of nicely-described CSS lessons that allow you up to date create new coloration schemes with little attempt.

This might not sound essential at first, however it surely makes tuning the topic loads simpler when you have a color scheme in area at the outset.

Without problems cusup to datemizable header

Every time a person receives a brand new theme, the header is constantly the primary place wherein any form of cusup-to-datemization occurs. This isn’t unexpected in any respect: each person up to dateupdated encompass their very own emblem, their personal menu, or a commercial banner.

Cusup-to-datemizable headers are vital for each subject matter. If the subject you’re thinking about doesn’t aid this, it’s going up to date be certainly time-consuming up to date do any type of modifications by hand (i.e. via operating with HTML and Hypertext Preprocessor code).

Widget-equipped regions

Widgets are small blocks of content material you could consist of in numerous regions of your blog’s structure. The most not unusual area for widgets is the sidebar, but that’s now not a rule.

Every up-to-date theme has some of widget-prepared areas predefined within its shape. Such regions are not handiest a form of a placeholder, however in maximum instances, they’re set with up-to-date formatting and styling up to dateo.

The maximum commonplace uses of widgets are:

showing your Twitter circulation and other social media icons
displaying the latest feedback
supplying an additional seek area
displaying categories and tags
list current posts
displaying popular posts
showing archive hyperlinks
displaying advertisements, additional menus, and so on.
up-to-date homepage help

For a traditional weblog, the homepage is actually a listing of new posts. That is how it used up to date paintings for years, and it’s nevertheless the default putting in WordPress. However, as I said in advance, there are many viable makes use of the WordPress platform nowadays, and this default list is the optimal answer for almost none of them.

Of direction, in case you’re a blogger publishing insightful articles on an everyday foundation, then by using all method you must make the default listing of recent posts your homepage. However, if you’re a commercial enterprise proprieupupdated of any type, you’re probably higher off up to date create an up-to-date homepage displaying the maximum crucial data approximately your business and its services.

Maximum nice subject matters permit you updated create an up to datemupdated homepage and pick the person elementsupdated you need up to date place on it. that is either finished by using a unique category or some other widget region (relying at the subject matter).

Video and phoupupdated friendly

Simply up to date make things clean, you can manifestly show movies and snap shots on every WordPress weblog … I haven’t stumbled upon a situation wherein a weblog wouldn’t support pics. However, some topics make running with multimedia genuinely, certainly easy.

As an instance, right here’s a YouTube video. If you want up-to-date embed it rights into a wellknown WordPress subject matter, you need upupdated up to date YouTube, click the proportion butup to daten, click on the Embed butup-to-daten, grasp the embed code, cross again on your blog, transfer updated HTML ediup the dater, and subsequently paste the embed code in which you need it.

But in case you understand you’ll be using quite a few videos and imagery, you’d do better up-to-date pick a topic that caters mainly up to date those content sorts. As an example, doing the same element in a Themefuse subject matter calls for simplest one motion. Within the visual ediup the dater, you virtually use the shortcode:

Making an up-to-date slideshow, or displaying a map from Google Maps is quite similar.

Social media integration

Social media and all of its bureaucracy may be very famous. Every person has a Twitter or facebook account, if not tens of other profiles. Pleasant WordPress subject matters follow this fashion and provide some form of social media integration. The most famous way is up-to-date numerous proportion butup to datens subsequent up-to-date the content material, comply with or Like butupdatedns, and up to date time even Twitter or facebook streams.

Of path, you don’t need upupdated use all of these options, however it’s exact up to date ensure the subject you’re considering has some possibilities you can select from.

The “wow” effect: your subject matter’s looks

Putting all the capabilities apart, there’s one truely crucial characteristic that every upupdated subject gives. All the capabilities imply virtually nothing if you sincerely don’t just like the subject visually.

A few human beings will strive up to date informupdated you that looks can continually be modified and that you shouldn’t recognition in this that up-to-date. I suggest an extraordinary path here.

If you see a subject, and it doesn’t make you believe you studied something like “wow, that is brilliant!” then don’t get it. duration.

Of direction, don’t forgetupdated your reason for the subject. The looks itself aren’t enough up-to-date make a subject ideal for you—there are other essential concerns as nicely, as we’ve just seen.

A subject can’t be overused

Reputation is a humorous issueupdated up to dateupdated WordPress topics. On one hand, it’s fantastic up to date get a famous subject matter because you understand that it’s a fine product. It’s a type of social evidence—if many human beings have decided updated a certain subject matter, then it must be proper, proper?

On the other hand, if up to dateo many people are using the equal subject then it loses all of its strong point, and up to dateupdated make branding it up to date.

Now, I’m now not saying that a normal wide variety of downloads for a given topic is crucial in itself, but it’s miles vital up-to-date specific niche. The truth that fifty humans is probably using your topic in a unique niche is not a problem. However, if ten humans are the use of your topic up to date area of interest, that may be a massive problem.

Clearly do a little studies before shopping for a subject up-to-date make sure that there aren’t up to dateo many human beings the use of it in the niche where you need up to date launch a website. (If no person is the use of the subject matter, that, of path, is an appropriate situation.)

opinions are essential

Relying on a theme’s reputation, you be probably up-to-date locate a few up to datecusupupdated opinions, or even professional critiques up to dateupupdated decide whether the subject is really well worth shopping.

The up-to-date way of locating the ones opinions is using Google. Look for some things like “subject matter-name assessment”. The rule of thumb is easy: the larger the range of up-to-date opinions, the better.

Alternatively, in case you don’t find something, it doesn’t mean that the theme isn’t properly up-to-date. Normally, glad up-to-date don’t spend time submitting reviews around the internet, they simply revel in their buy and move on with their lives.

Documentation and aid

A few developers don’t trust inside the energy of documentation, and it’s hard up-to-date apprehend why. The truth is that even whilst you get a new washing gadget, you get a person’s guide.

Basically, virtual merchandise aren’t any unique—they, updatedo, want a guide of a few kinds. Critical developers apprehend this so they continually up-to-date make their up-to-date’ lives less complicated by using supplying documentation that’s smooth up-to-date.

Support is one of a kind. The better the product is, the much fewer paintings assist teams have. But still, there are times when you’ll want some help, either while something sup to dateps running or while you really want up to date do something uncommon up to dategether with your topic.

Don’t select a theme that doesn’t have any documentation or aid. This is probably ok while you’re getting a topic up-to-date, however when you’re paying money, it’s now not proper.

Only issues allowed

That is a clean lure updated fall inup to date. Right here’s the scenario: you’re surfing the net up-to-date locate a pleasing subject, you encounter one which’s interesting, and you decide up to date get it. the simplest afterwards you find out that the theme you’ve selected hasn’t been up to date dateupdated currently and that it’s been evolved for model 2.7 of WordPress, for example.

I’m now not announcing that each subsequent model of WordPress is completely exclusive from the previous one, but a few matters do change, and also you need up-to-date ensure that your subject matter implements all the new capability and interesting capabilities of the platform.

Each self-respecting subject saveupdated makes sure that the subject matters it offers are always with modern versions of WordPress and present day trends of the internet as a whole. So whilst you’re searching for a topic, without a doubt take note of whether the theme you’re approximately up to date get has been up to date lately and if it’s compatible with the most modern version of WordPress.

A step-via-step approach

This has turned out updated be a rather lengthy piece, so let me sum it up with a brief step-via-step guide on up-to-date pick out the precise subject matter up to date yourupdated weblog:

Begin with the cause of your website online. When you decide what you want the site for, you’ll be up to dateupdated list its maximum essential tendencies—developments you want the theme up to date support.
Notice the details about the subject matters you’re considering. A few possibilities consist of: price and license, seo friendly shape, compatibility with every browser, cusup to datemizable layout, distinct coloration schemes up to date be had, effortlessly modifiable header, widget-prepared regions, up-to-date homepage assist, video and up-to-date friendly, and assist for social media integration.
Let me quote myself: in case you see a theme, and it doesn’t make you observed some things like “wow, that is terrific!”, don’t get it.
make sure that the topic is not overused up to date yourupdated area of interest.
Up to dateattempt upupdated discover some updated or professional critiques.
Make certain that documentation and assist is upupdated for the subject.
Make certain that the theme is up to dateupdated with the modern model of WordPress.
Even though it looks like there’s a lot updated do when deciding on a topic, it can without a doubt be labored via very quickly. You just want updated realize in which updated search for the most critical information.

Basically, selecting a great topic is like selecting another product—virtual or otherwise. You just want up-to-date understand what you’re searching out. Don’t overlook to ask or study approximately the information which are vital up-to-date you and your weblog.

There’s been a lot of speakme on my component right here. Now it’s your turn: how did you go approximately selecting your modern WordPress subject? What words of expertise are you able to supply folks that are approximately updated do it for the primary time? Up-to-date recognize in the remarks—and don’t forget about updated go upupdated once more updated, after I’ll show you up to date install the topic you’ve selected, set by step.

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