Blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov, on whom Head of the Chechen parliament Magomed Daudov previously declared blood feud, challenged Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov to a debate.

Tomaso appealed to the pinnacle of Chechnya on his YouTube channel, launching a flow referred to as “Challenging Kadyrov. Tell me about your tales.” The video has been regarded as 320 thous. Times.

“It could be very clean to sit down a hundred and fifty Jordanian Chechens in the front of you, who will no longer contradict you and ask you thorny troubles. If you could prove a person that you’re proper, then try to show it to me,” Tomaso said.

According to him, Kadyrov will no longer be able to “pull the conversation” with him.

“I’m tough you to a debate, accepting your statement. Prove it to me, Kadyrov, will you? Daudov, Umarov, even Shevchenko, have already tried to do this, but none of them succeeded. All [their arguments] have been outmatched with the aid of the data that I gave them, on the contradictions that I talked about… Now it’s your flip,” the blogger said.

“You will have to debate with me and solution questions which might be very uncomfortable for you. I will factor out your contradictions and you will explain your self,” Abdurakhmanov introduced.

Previously, Kadyrov spoke to young Chechens from Jordan who visited the area, saying that he was geared up to show his function on the state of affairs in the republic to all and sundry.

Abdurakhmanov left Chechnya in 2015 after a war with Kadyrov’s relative. The government of Poland, in which Abdurakhmanov is looking for asylum, have several instances refused him refugee fame with the wording “poses a risk to the united states of america’s security.”

In March, Daudov recorded a video message to Abdurakhmanov, in which he declared him his enemy and promised to find him. Daudov was outraged by using the blogger’s phrases approximately the previous head of Chechnya, Akhmat Kadyrov.