Destination wedding in India: How to plan it and how much does it cost?

When you hear the term “destination wedding”, you instantly assume it to be a costly affair. But this may not be true all the time. Whether you want to take your wedding vows on the hilltops of Coorg or the scenic beaches of Alibaug, there are good ways to better plan your wedding without exhausting your budget. From keeping a tab on your guest list to conducting a recce to saving those additional bucks, several ways could help you plan your destination wedding better.

One such way is opting for a wedding loan, a variant of a personal loan. A wedding loan helps you to meet monetary mismatches that you may face during the arrangement of your destination wedding. Routing for this loan can allow you to contain your emergency fund and crucial investments earmarked for specific financial goals, which you otherwise would have used to fund the additional monetary mismatch during your destination wedding.

Destination wedding

How much does a destination wedding in India cost?

The approximate expense for planning your destination wedding may range between Rs 15 lakh and Rs 1 crore. The incurred price on a destination wedding may vary depending on your wedding location, number of days, time of the year, number of events, number of guests, and other parameters.

Crucial planning tips for a destination wedding in India

  • Decide your budget and, based on this, set your priorities

This is the initial step you must do. You must know your spending capacity and the aspects that matter to you the most. If you cannot cut down on photography, you may compromise on extravagant décor. Note that most of your wedding budget will go towards guest accommodation and venue booking.

If you face monetary mismatches even after compromising on unnecessary aspects, you can opt for a personal loan for marriage. However, before you hit the personal loan apply online button, you must ensure to compare amongst all the lenders in terms of the offered interest rates, charges, tenure, etc. For this, you may also use the online personal loan EMI calculator. This online calculator not only helps you to determine the right personal loan EMI and personal loan interest rate as per your suitability and repayment capacity but also allows you to shortlist a suitable lender per your preference and budget.

Once you have shortlisted the lender, you can click on the personal loan application option on the lender’s website. The lender, upon receiving your application, may evaluate your eligibility and, after proper evaluation, may disburse the required personal loan amount within 2-7 days if you qualify.

  • Recce is important

It is recommended that before finalizing the venue, you must visit it at least three months before the destination wedding with your decorator to plan out the set-up. Make it a recce cum meeting to plan and visualize which event will be conducted, when, how the space can be used for decoration, etc. Conducting a recce in advance would keep at bay all the brainstorming, which you would otherwise have to undergo during the wedding time.

  • Include local vendors

Book vendors from the destination that you select for your wedding. Doing so not just saves additional accommodation and travel expenses, but you can also plan out better with them owing to their previous experience. If you cannot find a suitable local vendor, book a vendor willing to travel to your wedding destination at their own expense.

  • Keep your guest list smaller.

Preparing plans for a destination wedding is practical and doable with a smaller guest list. However, if you want to host many guests, you must hire a wedding strategist or planner.

  • Ask for discounts

Ensure to negotiate to get discounts and good offers. Few venues may provide freebies like no drink charge, free laundry services, etc., which saves a lot of money.

Ending note

A destination wedding can be a smooth affair if you follow all the hacks and tricks discussed above. If you decide on hiringhiredga planner, take quotes from distinct planners to decide on the one that best matches your budget. Note that with these smart tips, you can have a successful destination wedding that no guest of yours will ever forget.

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