Child abuse tips silenced for months via DCF computer glitch

About 1,500 guidelines to the Florida Abuse Hotline ­— the country’s front-line for baby safety — were now not sent electronically to law enforcement organizations in February and April because of a software program problem, DCF officers said. That blanketed roughly 230 cases in the Tampa Bay vicinity. Reports of abuse or forget via parents, which can be dealt with via child welfare investigators, had been not affected. But pointers on abuse by way of others, including pals, instructors, or strangers, stalled in the DCF’s computers. Some of those instances may additionally nevertheless have been investigated, DCF officials said. Even although the software failed, abuse hotline operators have been still able to switch calls to 911.

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But local regulation enforcement corporations acquired some reports most effective while the backlog turned into resolved on May 3. In a few cases, corporations are nonetheless wading via them to determine if research is warranted. “As all regulation enforcement corporations know, a put-off like that is never an excellent factor,” said Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco. “We will no longer recognize the effect to Pasco children till a radical overview of all the instances is whole, and that evaluate is ongoing.” DCF officers said a minimum of 1/2 of the electronically delayed reviews reflected a unique state of affairs, which includes an absent discern or toddler-on-infant sexual abuse.
Those calls have been related to the same toddler welfare investigators who assessed lawsuits against dad and mom. “The branch is operating with the software program dealer to implement an alert system to inform the department each time a backlog is created inside the destiny,” stated DCF spokeswoman Jessica Sims in a statement. “The branch is persevering with to work with our companions in regulation enforcement to correctly check out these allegations, and we continue to be dedicated to making sure the protection of all youngsters and prone adults in Florida.” The 1,500 reviews protected 113 from Hillsborough County, about 70 from Pinellas County, and 32 in Pasco, in keeping with the DCF.

Santa Claus Challenged With FAA Air Traffic Computer Glitch

Santa Claus LLC now has one sleigh and eight rain deer, these days, the company has over eighty,000 rain deer and over 7500 sleighs. They additionally have contracts now to do Hanukkah and the Kwanzaa Holiday. Today, the company grosses over $1 billion yearly, and the employer’s CEO and Chairman Santa Claus “Bud” is usually a visitor speaker at the Davos World Economic Summit.

If Santa Claus LLC became an air pressure, it would be second within the international. If it had been an airline, it would be range 3; it’s how large the business enterprise has grown from such humble beginnings in the past 9-a long time. Recently, the pinnacle of human sources Mrs. Claus instructed Maria Bartiromo, anchor female of CNBC’s “Closing Bell,” that they had these days been challenged with flight delays because of the FAA computer glitch.

“We’ve had a tough time lately preserving morale up because of many troubles, the most urgent is the scheduling of flights, as our groups of rain deer and Santa Pilots wait out at the ramp, which as you already know is made of ice until they are cleared for takeoff, it can get extremely bloodless accessible and now and again they should taxi the sleighs again into re-de-ice, and with this new rule of waiting to take off for hours, it takes its toll on the rain deer.”

However, Mrs. Claus also hinted at getting the greater reliable GE Engines next yr, as a prime upgrade as a number of the rain deer are toddler boomers and dare soon retire. “We have an aging populace in our organization, and as you may see Maria, I’m no Spring Chicken both.” Director of flight operations stated, “We might also even in the end go to unmanned aerial motors inside the destiny too.”

Cosmic Assist? Or Computer Glitch?

I need to let you know, I’ve NEVER had a speeding ticket in my existence. I’ve had more than one warnings; however, over the course of I’m-no longer-gonna-inform-you-how-a few years, it’s not horrific. So once I got pulled over for speeding up a hill on my avenue approximately 5 blocks from my residence, I wasn’t expecting it to be for dashing. I hadn’t been searching at my speedometer, but I’m still fairly sure I hadn’t been going 17 mph over, even though I became accelerating to get up the hill.

So, whilst the officer truly issued me a quotation ~ to the music of $a hundred thirty.00 (I read at the “pay this if you did this” sheet he gave me) ~ I wasn’t simply dissatisfied. I turned into floored. Do you recognize that responsible feeling you get while seeing a police vehicle on your rearview replicate, even if you haven’t finished something? Multiply that by using a element of 10, and you will get the sensation I carried around with me for several hours after the officer passed me that ticket. Still, I notion, once I’d calmed down, I’m going to contest it. I’m now not just going to pay the great and, by implication, admit that I’m responsible.

So, a month is going by using, and this morning, I’m on the courthouse to contest the price tag, right? Only it is no longer that easy. First, you need to discover the right courtroom, then you have to go up to the clerk’s office and wait in line to talk to the prosecutor (besides, it is no longer truely the prosecutor, it’s one in every one of their assistants). So this pretty blond woman with a clipboard goes down the road, directing everybody to the right different line to do what each of them desires to do.

She gets to me, and I say I need to contest this dashing price ticket. She says, “ok, but you have to move downstairs to courtroom wide variety five (that’s wherein I just got here from), however earlier than you do, right here’s the information on the diversion program, if you want to do this rather.” The diversion application goes like this: you pay your best and a piece more, and if you don’t get any other transferring violation inside the subsequent six months, you do not get any points on your license for this one. So, for about $200, I may want to basically erase the ticket from the whole lot except the county information.

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