Celebrate the beauty of Africa

If we’re able to set aside the politics and frustration it reasons, we open our eyes to the maximum stunning land conceivable – our domestic, Africa.


SA is winning all the worldwide tour prizes and has travelers raving about its beauty so much in order that it now has the highest repeat tourism of any lengthy-haul destination within the global. Many African nations made it into 2015’s ’20 Most Beautiful Countries in the World’, with South Africa rated primary.


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Explore the Natural Beauty of Africa

Africa is well-known for its natural splendor and various subculture. Africa has been the favorite destination for vacationers from all across the world. The fantastic flora and fauna and natural splendor of Africa are charming. Away from the hustle bustle of the town, Africa is the vicinity for entertainment, journey, and relaxation.

African safari offers a possibility to look and enjoy the kind of flora and fauna. It is the habitat of a few uncommon species of untamed animals. Getting to view these endangered species is a possibility of a lifetime. The safaris enable the humans to view the wildest reaches of Africa.

Africa possesses some of the greatest landscapes, numerous flora and fauna and exquisite seashores. A safari provides the maximum brilliant scenery inside the international, thereby imparting the most memorable thrill of seeing wild animals in their natural habitat.

The broad ecological zone of Savannas consists of thickly wooded grasslands. Africa is the hometown of a number of tribes and around two thousand exclusive languages are spoken in Africa. Africa has were given a wide kind of wildlife but African safaris deliver the opportunity to identify the “large 5”, which incorporates lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo.

Earlier, Africa becomes the maximum admired place for researchers looking for animal and plant life but, the fundamental score to each turned into poaching which has now been constrained by means of the government with the help of numerous acts and legal guidelines. Now looking is strictly prohibited in Africa making it one of the most suitable locations for the plant and the animal species to survive and for us to enjoy.

Explore The Beauty Of Africa On Your Safari Travel

When you travel on safari, you first enjoy would be noticing the tranquility of nature’s silence that sneaks into your coronary heart. But at the identical time, the sound of insects and natural world excites your adventurous spirit, knowing there may be nonetheless tons that are untamed below the African sun.

At Escape Tours & Travel we provide you our provider to set up the right Safari Travel getaway plan to suit your every need. Since 1996 we plan tailored personalized Safari excursions to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, and Mozambique. Whether you want an expensive ride with the maximum of consolation and elegance, or you need to be one with nature and cross camping, Escape can organize it. We can set up the entirety from accommodation to excursion guides, flights, automobile rent, train trips to more curricular activities, which include wine tasting, fishing, hiking, hot air ballooning and even gourmand tours.


When you cross on a Safari Travel you could assume to see an awful lot greater than just the superb Big Five (Which is: elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos, and of the path the rhino). The variety of the landscape might proof to be a marvel of nature alone. And as you return up-close and personal with the flora and fauna of Africa, you will not best find yourself grateful for the armed and certified “permitted” tour guide next to you but would grow a brand new located appreciation for the splendor of Africa.

Luxury Safari Holidays In Beautiful South Africa

South Africa is a culturally numerous u. S . A . Inside the continent of Africa. The USA is located in the southernmost tip of the continent. It is blessed with a combined topography inclusive of lengthy coastlines, large scrublands, sizable deserts, and occasional-mendacity dry forests. The flora and fauna observed at the land are a colorful mix of birds and animals. It is constantly a first-rate deal with to move on luxury safari vacations to this sundry land, this is, South Africa.

Ultimate Safari Locations

South Africa has a whole variety of places to pick out from for going on a luxury safari. Some popular locations that tourists regularly go to for luxury South Africa safari holiday will be listed as follows:

1.The Eastern Cape: This province of South Africa has Addo Elephant National Park with more than a hundred and forty elephants and the Tsitsikamma National Park with an 80-kilometer coastal strip to boast of for luxurious safari vacations. The Cape also has Jeffreys Bay that is a surfers’ paradise. Near to the Bay lies the Kabeljous National Park and the Seekoei River Nature Reserve.

2.Kruger National Park: This is the most famous countrywide park of South Africa. This reserve not simplest has the massive five, lions, buffalos, elephants, rhinoceros, and leopards, but also has greater than 2 hundred species of birds. This additionally has extra than one hundred species of reptiles which encompass around 3000 crocodiles. The park is a big expanse with 9 gates. It falls below UNESCO’s International Man and Biosphere Reserve umbrella.

3.Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park: This Park is placed ordinarily inside the Kalahari Dessert. The park has an ample natural world which incorporates cheetahs, leopards, deer, hyenas, and predatory birds.

4.Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site: Another high-quality vicinity for luxury safari vacations is Mapungubwe National Park. The Park isn’t most effective an incredible vicinity to get a flavor of the African wildlife, but also a notable ancient web page. It has the places just like the Lost City and Joining Nations, which display the rich records of the Amazing Continent of Africa.

5.Garden Route National Park: This consists of three wildlife reserves – Tsitsikamma, Knysna, and Wilderness. The Garden Route has an awesome mix of plant life and fauna and has topography of both flat lands and mountainous trails.

All the above-stated locations and much more in South Africa are best for luxury safari holidays. All these places have extremely good accommodations – each inside the shape of inns and accommodations. These hotels are normally positioned within the park or reserve itself or close to their boundary. Therefore, the traffic can get a close sense of the natural surrounding even as enjoyable in the costly hotels. Most locations have a wonderful picnic and testing websites and the models itself set up for the visitors to head on safari rides in the desert.

Explore Africa on an Exotic African Safari

Africa is a numerous land packed with the adventures of an entire life. The exhilaration of an African safari adventure attracts traffic from around the world. The range of Africa is amazing and includes the African bush, mountains, stunning hues, numerous tribes and people agencies, individual big animals which include Zebras and Elephants and a number of the most tremendous wonders which includes the Egyptian pyramids.

The beauty of Africa tantalizes the senses and tugs at the feelings. From the poorest tribes to the richest nations, Africa’s land is as diverse as its people. African safaris pull human beings from normal life into the adventures of a lifetime. No wherein else inside the international can such a lot of out of the ordinary websites, sounds and scents are experienced. An African safari can consist of extreme adventures inclusive of whitewater rafting, volcano climbing, bungee leaping, scuba diving, and the big game looking. These are only a few of the adventures available for the lively traveler. For the much less energetic traveler there are simply as many adventures together with: the Egyptian pyramids, beautiful white seashores, viewing exclusive animals roaming about, golfing, and countrywide park hotels.

African natural world is one of the maximum uncommon sites in the whole global. The splendor of the animals in Africa is extraordinary; numerous species of birds in each color of the rainbow, monkeys swinging from trees with their infants clinging to their backs, giraffes grazing in open fields, sprinting cheetahs, elephants playing in the water and a lot more wildlife fill Africa. The splendor of the flora and fauna may be seen whilst on an African safari journey in a diffusion of ways, inclusive of from a warm air balloon. The splendor of breathtaking Africa from above is one of the maximum popular and interesting activities on an African safari. View the pink elephants of Tsavo National Park or the flaming flamingoes of Lake Nakuru.


The adventures of Africa are full-size and several. There are such a lot of popular safari destinations to visit. Kenya safari would encompass Mount Kenya, the second maximum mountain in Africa or the Masai Mara National Reserve. While in Kenya revel in a go to Lake Nakuru, that is an individual bird sanctuary. Two million flamingos have flooded this place and over four hundred species of birds are a home at Lake Nakuru. Tanzania is another famous African safari website. Tanzania is one of the wonders of the arena. The Ngorongoro crater is one of the maximum super, stunningly lovely websites to peer in the international. This large crater is packed with flora and fauna together with the black rhino. Enjoy the coloration and a picnic lunch even as watching the animals graze around you. Serengeti National Park is an almost treeless plain. Nearly three million large natural world animals live, devour and roam in this huge piece of land, together with loads of heaps of Zebras and Gazelles.

Enjoy the journey of a lifetime and tour on an Africa safari to various parts of Africa. A safari experience to Africa is life-changing, exhilarating, interesting and extraordinary. Custom layout an experience to be able to healthy your preference for excessive adventure along with scuba diving and volcano hiking or a much less wild adventure that might include a hot air balloon ride or a quiet lunch near an elephant’s water hole. There are such a lot of adventures available in Africa. An African safari will rework your love for the sector and could quicken inside you the joys of adventure and life.

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