All About Bluestone Patio for your Outdoors

If you are looking to upgrade the outdoor space in your house, then look no further than Bluestone patios. A common building material, bluestone can give the homeowners a space to enjoy and relax while upgrading the look and value of the house. It can be arranged either in rectilinear (squared off) shapes or natural uneven shapes. Even within the rectilinear shape, stones of the same size or different sizes can be arranged according to your aesthetic. However these stones are arranged, they undoubtedly lend a timeless elegance to the outdoor space in your house and can last you for ages!

Setting bluestone on your floor-

Bluestone can either be dry or wet-laid. For dry-laid bluestone, bluestones are laid on top of two layers of quarry stone and sand or stone dust, respectively, after the excavation of the ground is carried out. The stones can be laid together or with some gap in between them which can be filled in with sandy material or even pea gravels at the joints. Sized of ¼ inch and 3/8 inch are recommended as they go well together. Polymeric sand is another option that can be considered however it comes with certain issues such as cracking. Since the polymeric sand has a tendency to harden quickly, it rather kills the purpose of having a dry-laid application of bluestone.

When bluestone is set in concrete, it is known as a wet-laid application, and this requires a concrete base to be laid on virgin soil or soil tamped in layers. A drawback of wet-laid bluestone is the possibility of cracking, especially in conditions of freeze-thawing. Since such an application is set in concrete, it cannot be reset easily into another pattern, and repairs can be costly. Hence a dry-laid foundation is recommended.

Bluestone is available in various colors, although the typical blue color is the most common and is called Pennsylvania Bluestone as it is sourced from there. This blue is available in different shades and gives lends the most elegant look to your patio. Tans, purples, and different mixes of blue can be used to create a kaleidoscopic of colors on your patio. Stones from other materials can also be used but should only complement the bluestone with colors blending well.


Always invest in good workmanship for your bluestone patio! Rectilinear bluestone is one of the most preferred kinds of designs for bluestone patios. However, be sure that they are not exactly squared off as the joints between the stones will not be straight. For a more professional and neat look for the bluestone patios, ensure that you have them cut with a wet saw in a square shape by your contractor. While this may cost you a little more, it is worth the precision in the final outlay. One further step you could take is to order a little more stones and have only the squared stones selected from the shipment by your contractor. A rectilinear bluestone patio looks undone and unflattering without straight joints so it is imperative to ensure that all steps are taken to get a perfect rectilinear bluestone patio!

Add the natural beauty of bluestone to your home with Absolute Bluestone Co. in Brewster, New York. The company is a distributor and fabricator of Pennsylvania bluestone. They exclusively work with a select handful of local yards to provide customers with quality bluestone. They offer bluestone in various colors, sizes, thicknesses, and all of their custom fabrications are completed in-house. They are Bluestone Patio Pavers and offer products that feature unique craftsmanship and designs, such as benches, tables, and hearthstones, all made from luxurious bluestone.

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