25 hidden features from iOS 8, Apple’s new operating system

1. Emergency health identification
Powered by way of Apple’s new HealthKit, Emergency fitness identity allows every body to get right of entry to simple and probably existence-saving health records from your iPhone’s lock display screen. To set it up, open the health app, tap clinical id on the bottom proper and upload as a good deal or as little statistics as you sense comfortable with. Now when you faucet the Emergency button on the bottom left of your lock display screen you’ll also discover the option to view your clinical details and emergency touch numbers.

Delete messages ios8
Tip #3: Delete antique messages
2. Vehicle delete messages
in case you’ve been the use of your iPhone for a long term, you’ll have built up pretty an archive of textual content messages. This may take in lots of unnecessary area (do you really want the ones texts and photos from two years ago?). iOS 8 now lets in you to routinely delete these vintage messages after either 30 days or one year, probably liberating up gigabytes of garage. Tap Settings > Messages and scroll right down to Message history before selecting how lengthy you’d like to preserve your old messages.

25 hidden features from iOS 8, Apple’s new operating system

snapchat-fashion films ios8
Tip #3: Self-destructing videos
three. Snapchat-Like snap shots and movies
you could now ship immediate self-destructing videos, audio clips and snap shots on your contacts via iMessage, not in contrast to Snapchat. To ship an image, visit your message window and faucet and preserve the camera icon at the left hand facet. A small round window will emerge, allowing your taking a brief snap. A word of warning: as soon as the photo or video has been shot, it’s going to ship at once, there’s no confirmation or edit display screen, so make certain you don’t test this one at the same time as sitting on the bathroom.


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Four. Swipe notifications in my opinion
Swiping down at the top of your display will display your cellphone’s Notification Centre. In right here you’ll be informed of numerous signals and app-related facts. If you have a lot of apps and receive loads of messages, this segment can get cluttered and messy. In the beyond you can the handiest clean those notifications all of sudden or on no account. However, with the aid of swiping left, you can now clean each notification in my opinion.

Trade picture exposure ios8
Tip #five: changing exposure
five. Exposure manipulate
It’s no mystery that Apple’s iSight digicam has continually been missing in phrases of superior features, in particular whilst compared with the likes of Nokia or Samsung. Luckily, Apple seems to be keen to alternate this with the creation of exposure control. When taking an image, faucet in which you want to recognition the display screen (or tap and preserve to lock the point of interest) and you’ll see a small solar icon appear. Drag it up or down to manually control the publicity tiers on the fly.

6. Cover photographs from Photostream
if you have a few ugly or embarrassing pictures on your Photostream that you desire to maintain but could as an alternative other human didn’t see, you’re in success. Discover the offending photo, tap, keep and choose to conceal from the menu that pops up. The picture will now be quarantined in an album known as Hidden, which you could get right of entry to with the aid of establishing your photos app and choosing Albums in the backside proper nook. To place the image returned where you discovered it, go to the Hidden album, tap and preserve your photograph and select Unhide.

7. Swipe brief type away
iOS eight saw the creation of quick kind, which is meant to intelligently propose phrases you’d like to apply before you use them for fast typing. It does but take in quite a few areas and a few people don’t discover it especially useful. Putting off its miles a breeze: tap everywhere on the propose words and swipe downwards. A small gray bar is all in order to continue to be; swipe the bar upwards in case you need to bring the suggestions lower back.

Shop battery ios8
Tip #8: Battery utilization
eight. Battery hogging apps
in case you discover that your battery appears to be running out of juice all the time however you don’t realize why, this tip will be a godsend. Go to Settings > fashionable > utilization > Battery utilization. You’ll see a breakdown of all the apps you’ve been the use of and what sort of battery electricity they’ve been consuming up, for you to provide you with a higher concept of what apps you would possibly want to regularly close down or uninstall.

Quick message respond ios8
Tip #9: quick replies
9. Short respond to messages via swiping down on notification banners
Any time you acquire a textual content or iMessage you may swipe downwards on the notification banner, to be able to open small message window. Kind your reply and hit send. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who dislike the faff of exiting an app with a purpose to send a reply earlier than re-coming into the app they had been in prior to receiving a message.

Recover deleted pix ios8
Tip #10: recover deleted pics
10. Recover currently deleted pix
through default, iOS eight will now keep all of your deleted pictures in an album referred to as these days Deleted. They may stay on this album for 30 days earlier than they’re ultimately deleted all the time. To find the folder, head to snap shots > Albums. You be probably surprised how many vintage images are in there. In case, you don’t like the 30-day buffer region, I’m afraid you can not presently disable this selection. Your excellent bet is to open the album, tap pick inside the top proper corner after which tap Delete All in the bottom proper nook.

Website computer variations ios8
Tip #eleven: computing device versions
eleven. Request computing device/mobile websites
while the usage of your telephone to browse a website, a bit of code will frequently understand this and ship you to the cellular version of the website online by using default. This is not usually most excellent, particularly when you have the large iPhone 6 Plus or if the cell model isn’t very good. Safari now has a new characteristic that lets you speedy choose among the mobile or laptop model of an internet site. To apply it, tap the address bar and drag simply beneath it to show the mobile or laptop options. Be warned: if you don’t have any favourites, the cell/desktop options can be tough to see.

Mute conversations ios8
Tip #12: Mute conversations
12. Mute person people
in case you don’t want to mute your complete cellphone however there’s a person constantly texting you, you could now mute man or woman people out of your touch listing. Open their message window, choose information in the pinnacle proper corner and then swipe the Do not Disturb button. You may no longer be notified of their messages till you turn Do now not Disturb off.

Flip iphone gray ios8
Tip #thirteen: Black and white screen
13. Flip your iPhone gray
you could now remove all the shade out of your iOS device, making it completely greyscale. That is an extremely good option for some visually impaired human beings, or for folks that don’t like shade. To spark off this go to Settings > preferred > Accessibility and swipe Greyscale.

14. Routinely send final region of cellphone before it dies
if you misplace your iPhone, locate My iPhone will use your device’s GPS to pinpoint its precise area. However, your phone will need a little strength for this feature to paintings. An awesome manner to combat the electricity trouble is to inform your phone to broadcast its last area proper earlier than the battery dies. Turn this on by means of going to Settings > iCloud > find My iPhone.

Upload photos and formatting ios8
Tip #15: format text
15. Layout words and insert photos
a miles-needed replace for Apple’s pleasantly minimalist word-taking app sees the creation of a few beneficial formatting options together with the capacity to use italics, formidable and underline. You can now additionally import photos. For maximum comfort, be sure the notes’ app is interacting with iCloud (Settings > iCloud > Notes) so you can get admission to your updates from some other iOS device. You may want a loose iCloud electronic mail cope with for this.

Sixteen. “Hiya Siri” communicate to Siri when plugged in
It’s 4am. You’ve simply woken from a traumatic dream. Something about the owls not being as they seem. You feel compelled to Google owls, on the lookout for answers. But wait, you’re relaxed in mattress, that is no time for typing. Don’t worry, Apple notion of this example. Settings > standard > Siri has an allow “hey Siri” option. Enable it and you could manipulate Siri via bellowing “hiya Siri” at your iOS tool whenever it’s miles plugged in.

shazam function ios8
Tip #17: Siri’s music checker
17. Siri Shazam
Siri’s electricity keeps growing in iOS eight thanks to its recent marriage with Shazam, a song identification service. Preserve down your private home button to prompt Siri and say “Siri, what track is this?” wait for it to say “allow me pay attention” then preserve your device up to the tune which you’re seeking to become aware of. This service is noticeably accurate.

Percentage region ios8
TIp #18: proportion region
18. Share your vicinity
if you’ve arranged to satisfy a pal somewhere, don’t bother seeking to provide an explanation for where you are, show them. iOS eight comes with the capability to proportion your actual area. Faucet info inside the top proper of your message window and select send My present day vicinity. The recipient gets a snapshot of your current whereabouts. If you’d want to proportion your area that updates as you move, choose share My area instead.

Delete net records ios8
Tip #19: Delete internet history
19. Delete specific pages from your history in Safari. Clean numerous days.
In case, you’ve been as much as no desirable on line however don’t need to clean your whole records, you may now delete precise internet pages in preference to nuking the lot. In Safari tap the open book icon inside the backside proper corner, then select history from your Bookmarks. Now swipe left and pick out Delete on any of the net pages you would love to dispose of.

20. Lock display now has area-based shortcuts
This one’s extra of a heads-up. Did you recognize that your lock display screen can now house vicinity- primarily based shortcuts? If you have the Starbucks app and also you enter one among their chains, a small Starbucks icon will appear inside the backside left of your screen earlier than you’ve even unlocked your smartphone. Anticipate to see these capabilities arriving in different apps quickly.

Mail swipe alternatives ios8
facebook Twitter Pinterest
Tip #21: Mail alternatives
21. Mail swipe options
The Mail app now comes with extra swipe alternatives. Swipe to the proper and you can Mark as study. To the left and you can Archive, Flag or tap extra for a protracted list of different alternatives. You can trade how this behaves by means of going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Swipe alternatives. Any other new Mail characteristic allow’s you swipe a draft to the lowest of the screen, permitting you to multi-assignment in the app rather of having to delete the draft absolutely.

App widgets ios8
Tip #22: App widgets
22. Widgets
iOS eight finally permits widgets, a type of app extension that gives primary capability within the Notification Centre. To view your widgets, open the Notification Centre by using swiping down from the pinnacle of your iOS tool’s screen. From right here you could also put off, upload or edit your widgets by way of scrolling to the bottom of the Notification Centre and tapping on Edit.

Image editing alternatives ios8
Tip #23: picture enhancing options
23. New enhancing options for pics
Apple has brought a vast quantity of additional picture editing alternatives to iOS eight. As soon as you’ve got taken your photo, pick Edit in the pinnacle right hand nook and at the lowest of the display faucet the 0.33 icon from the left, which looks like a small manipulate knob. From here you can edit mild and colour settings, such as publicity, highlights, shadows, brightness, comparison, black factor, saturation, grain and tone – to name only a few.

duckduckgo ios8
Tip #24: DuckDuckGo
24. DuckDuckGo seek engine option
DuckDuckGo is an internet seek engine that attempts to offer a much less intrusive and extra private seek alternative than the likes of Google or Bing. That is finished – in line with the organization – by means of warding off customized seek effects. This seek engine is now to be had in Safari on iOS 8. In case, you would really like to activate it, head to Settings > Safari > seek Engine.

Experiment credit score card ios8
Tip #25: experiment a credit score card
25. Test credit card choice in Safari
some websites, including Amazon, which require payment statistics now permit iOS eight users to experiment their credit or debit card info with their digicam cellphone instead of typing it all out. While the time comes to feature your card information, an alternative will appear at the lowest of the display screen asking in case you would really like to apply the scan option. In reality click it and snap a photograph.

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